Ethereal rock band from So-Cal Beautiful Things New Release 'Dream World'


Artist: Beautiful Things

New Release: Dream World (Sky Mix)

Genre: Pop /Adult Comtemporary /Alternative Rock

Located in: Los Angeles, CA

We are an ethereal rock band from So-Cal with the essence of a singer song-writer. We are heavily influenced by 80s alternative rock and pop.

This is a song about betrayal and how it can change you. After it happens to you it’s like you were in a dream as far as your relationship with the betrayer was concerned. The harsh truth of your relationship comes at you quickly when the betrayal is revealed to you and it stings. You lose your innocence and you’re never the same. This ‘Sky Mix’ is a new version of a song that we had originally released ten years ago on our first album. We ended up making changes to the tempo, guitar pattern and sound fx of the original version to enhance its energy when we performed it live.

Beautiful things avaliveradio.png

We thought it would be great to record and release the song again in this new way. We incorporate more electronic elements to our music than we did before. We love to experiment with music technology and this new mix of an older song of ours is an example of the new direction we're going in.

We are currently recording a new single and will be making a video to promote it.

How does music touch you?

My life pretty much revolves around music. If I’m not listening to it then I’m creating it and striving to get better and better at that. Many of my life choices have been greatly influenced by this need to listen and create.

What do you think music does for us all?

I have a very wise friend who told me once that music is food for the soul. I think that perfectly sums up what music does for us all. Without food our physical bodies starve, and without music our spirits starve.

How important is it to be authentic with lyrics?

Extremely important! I try to be as honest and personal as I can when writing them so that hopefully someone out there will really connect with the sentiments and feel a little less lonely.

Why do you make music?

It’s something our band feels compelled to do because music is very fulfilling for us. For me personally, creating music has also been a coping mechanism for when life gets overwhelming. It’s an outlet for all the complex feelings inside my heart.