Los Angeles Band Beautiful Things reflects on music industry experiences on new single 'Hey Hey Hey'


Artist: Beautiful Things

New Release: Hey Hey Hey (Electric Mix)

Genre: Alternative Rock

Sounds like: Garbage, Placebo, Curve

Located in: Los Angeles, CA

Creating music has also been a coping mechanism for me when life gets overwhelming. It’s an outlet for all the complex feelings inside my heart.

Our band creates ethereal pop-rock with deeply personal lyrics. We are very influenced by 80s alternative artists like The Cure, Peter Murphy, and Kate Bush. 

I wrote this song about my experiences with the music industry, looking back to a time when I was much younger and more trusting. I let people guide me and represent me who didn’t have my best interests at heart – only their own. I learned so much from these experiences about human nature which ultimately strengthened me and made me a smarter, wiser person. 

I wanted this song to be empowering, hence the lyric “I won’t be a victim, no never again.” I’ve since chosen the people I surround myself within all areas of my life very carefully and have learned to trust my intuition. It’s made all the difference. Our new Dream World (Revisited) EP is made up of re-imagined songs from the first Beautiful Things album released 10 years ago, called just Dream World. I became curious about what could happen creatively if I let fresh ears take some of these songs apart and put them back together again in a new way. We were inspired to re-do this song from its original version because we thought it would sound great with more electronics and heavier guitars. Many of the ideas on this one came from our bass player Billy who spent lots of time in his studio experimenting with new sounds for it.

The music...

We used more electronic elements and atmospheric sounds than before, which our band loves to experiment with, and we hope to incorporate more sounds like these in our future releases.

Creating music is something our band feels compelled to do because music is very fulfilling for us. I personally get inspired just from listening to other musicians, past and present. There's nothing like the feeling you get when your mind is blown by a melody, guitar chord, lyric, performance, etc. That feeling stirs my soul and compels me to keep creating even when it seems like no one is listening or no one cares. As a musician, you always hope that something you create will conjure those magical feelings in others.

What’s next…
We are working on a new single and will be making a video to promote it.