Behind The Music with 6 Speed Supernova on Boom

BOOM tells the tale of the nameless soul who wanders through their day-to-day life looking up and chasing that dream. They fail and get back up, fall and rise again, all the while receiving commentary from the masses, “friends”, family and foes telling them to give it up already, settle and accept reality. Unaffected by the critiques, the dreamer responds, “You don’t believe in me but that’s fine because I believe in myself.” “You don’t think I possess the power to make my dreams my reality? We’ll just sit back and watch me do it.”

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Band Name: 
6 Speed Supernova
Vocals: Marie Ballon
Guitarist: David Ballon
Bassist: Joan Torres
Drummer: Brittany Patterson

Song name: Boom
Music Genre: Rock

I live in... Northern California - San Francisco Bay Area

Link to play:


6 Speed Supernova is a four-piece rock band whose sound is infused with blues, funk, jazz, EDM and Alternative influences. It is said that music in the soul can be heard by the Universe. 6 Speed Galactic Compositions will expand your mind, tug your heart and throw you tumbling into the cosmos.

Once upon a time, there was a band called 6 Speed Supernova. Their cosmic musical creations defeated the darkness, brought forth the light and restored peace across the galaxy.

Why do you create music?

We create music for the people to both enjoy and feel inspired by; to help motivate them in their day-to-day lives. Without music, life would be one big silent movie.

The music business today...

The modern music business is at times, a superficial popularity contest. But the speakers of souls, the tellers of dreams, those who are most talented and committed to the art form of telling their stories through song, those are the legends whose riffs and melodies will resonate in this world forever.

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