Behind The Music with A'dem on We're traveling in the dream

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My music is a message, rhythm, and emotion. A song for me is an inspiration of a situation or environment. It's most of the time a remedy for me while I’ve been on this long journey here in New York. Listen to host Jacqueline Jax speak with A’dem about moving to New York City to follow his dreams and why his new single ‘We're traveling in the dream’ is so special to his listeners.

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Person Interviewing: Abdoulaye Dem

Song name: We're traveling in the dream

Music Genre: Singer-songwriter, Alternative, World, New age

I live in: New York

Link to play::

This song is a motivation to stick to the importance of our own life. Sometimes you may be asking yourself "why am I here, living?" The response is for "a purpose!" and the purpose is "dreams" as life is a "travel" through time. It's an opened gate to a farewell destination.

When creating a song, I usually live the rhythm, instruments, and sounds in advance. But I also like to hide mines behind and improvise what others are feeling in it. Unfortunately, a song doesn’t always reach the ears of the person it was intended for. It may have been created to help or inspire them in a situation but the message is often missed.

It's amazing to see that people I choose to work with are in the same feelings. When Tayor Sparks LA heard the song, he said: "here's the sound!" And I said "Wow! How can you feel it the same way". However, I've felt a need for complementary work at some points worked out at the Union Studio Hollywood. He too had it in his blood!

I am inspired by my own life and the global society. Good or bad time, I need to sing.  My favorite instrument is an acoustic guitar. Just hearing its sound inspires me to do better things.

Creating music requires enduring energy, don't waste it running against the currents. There is along way to go before you’re done, pace yourself.