Behind The Music with Cwiredband on Angel Circuit Engaged

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Band Name: Cwiredband

Person Interviewing: Charles Whyard

Song name: Angel Circuit Engaged

Music Genre: Resurrection Rock

I live in... Berkeley Springs, WV and Nashville TN

This song is about..
 Angel Circuit Engaged was one of the first songs C Wired wrote. It’s a call to all to engage our Higher Selves our Angelic Circuitry. It’s very much needed now as we find ourselves challenged by lower energy forces that are in control of and are making our planet uninhabitable. We can change our world together by holding a shared vision of Peace and Abundance for ALL.

Warm feedback slithers through our speakers and takes hold of our attention as we enter the title track of Cwiredband’s new record Angel Circuit Engaged, their follow up to their much-buzzed Omega EP also released last year. Before long, that feedback is harnessed and transformed into a scorcher of a melody produced by a feverish lead guitar and punctuated with the pummeling of a massive drum kit” – Don McCloskey – Gas House Radio.

C Wired - Vocalist Songwriter - Charles Whyard
Addison Smith - Electric Guitars, Moog Synth (Nashville)
Daniel Kelly - Drums
Andrew Renner - Bass
Wil Houchens - Keyboards
Gary Pigg - Back Up Vocals Arrangements

Song name: Climb the Mountain

Music Genre: Resurrection Rock

About Spiritual Growth and Ascension. Where are all here to transform from our egoic me centered self (our Dragon) into an awareness of Unity and Relationship. It’s a journey. The song is somewhat epic in nature. Sonically we feel the writing, lyrics, and arrangements fits the life long process of always becoming more aware of our true selves and our true identities. It’s a trek that leads us to an understanding of just how magnificent we all are.

Song name: Persian Woman
Music Genre:
Resurrection Rock

Persian Woman is all about the emancipation and release of feminine energy. The old patriarchal order (God as a separate white male with a beard in the sky looking down somewhat disapprovingly) is being over thrown. But not without severe resistance and push back. We are thankfully evolving towards more healing nurturing feminine energy in control of the planet. We are out of balance because women have historically been repressed by most cultures and religions, some more than others. Freedom and acceptance of feminine energy can take many forms, including sexuality, clothing, (“Woman why you hiding C’mon show a knee:) etc. Our sisters of the Islamic faith have been severely restricted by oppressive egoic males that rationalize their repression though archaic interpretations of religious tenets. “Daughters of Dena please enter the arena”.

The music...
We call it Resurrection Rock. The term came from one of the reviewers of our music. When something is resurrected it still retains common themes from the previous form but has morphed into something different.
C Wired’s Spiritual advisor implanted a seed idea inside him to create “Genre less music”. What Cwiredband is all about is a re-configuration of traditional modes of music, elements of rock, country, and jazz into a unique blend. The newness of the sound comes from classically rock written material performed with modern instrumentation and sound techniques. The lyrics are scribed by C Wired. They come through him. All of the songs are based on his direct experiences with alternative relationships, Spiritual growth, overcoming addictions, etc.

The music just comes. I hear grooves and riffs at 4 in the morning, wake up and put it down on the guitar I keep by me bed. For year, I was writing on acoustic softer ballad jazz rock Americana pieces then I moved into a phase where I cranked the Stratocaster up for harder rock sound. I saw Royal Blood perform at last years Fire Fly Festival in Delaware. Just two guys - they blew me away. I was totally inspired by RB. I was writing the softer stuff the kind you can hear on my previous release Omega. - I said to myself I am going to write some balls to the walls material. Not shred or metal just no apologies gained up rock.

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What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?
Music was an extension of my Spiritual journey, my awakening to higher levels of consciousness. C Wired is a representation of my true Identity. In this life time I am a Renaissance man who accepted the co creative energy of music that comes through me. I had to surrender lower false narratives, idols if you will, regarding money, fame, sex, etc. My ego stood in the way and attempted to block these beautiful treasures from coming into fruition. Its motives had to be put aside. True art is simply created to Be, not to attain any individual goal.

Music as a business (making money) is tough.
It can be done but only by a small fraction of those who do it. I was able to have some success later in life because I was not financially dependent on the music. Best advice is to get a day job or part time gig to support your passion.

Creating music is completely different from my previous career. Left brain versus right brain thing. It has provid3d a discovery process for me to know a completely different side of myself.

We are all here to create. It can be artistically, entrepreneurial, socially, literary, etc. My creativity has taken various forms during my life and can be present at that same moment of time. From creating a family, businesses and music. In its highest form creativity is a co-creative process with the Divine. However you individually perceive that Divine energy to be. We are all One from the same source though with have unique individual ways to manifest it. We are expressing the Universe of Love in various physical forms.

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New Episode 674 Behind The Music with Behind The Music with Cwiredband on Angel Circuit Engaged


Charles Whyard and Addison Smith from C Wired Band speak with host Jacqueline Jax about their latest EP and how they like to release their music. The advantages of Albums vs singles and how Jacqueline likes to market indie bands today in the digital space. They also tell the story of how the band came together and what each member brings to the music. This is a very interesting interview that you’ll enjoy.

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