Behind The Music with Daphne on Love Cavity

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Band Name: Daphne
Song name: "Love Cavity"
Music Genre: Indie, bedroom pop

Currently I live in Minneapolis Minnesota where I am a freshman in college. I grew up in a small town called Houghton in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. My life has been nothing but huge changes and new experiences and new people for the past several months.

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This song is about...
As cheesy as it sounds, this song is about falling in love on a city night. It's about that carefree love that everyone dreams of falling into. I wrote it on a night where I couldn't sleep, usually when I write my best work! I was about to go to Chicago for a Lorde concert, and was in my room the night before in my rural town dreaming of finding a soulmate in the city. My parents surprised my bestie and me with third row center seats!


My music is...
my main form of art. Part of my soul. It's a big creative outlet for me. I constantly have thoughts running through my head, and for me to turn them into lyrics is very therapeutic, and also gives me a moment to block out the world and focus on a single topic to expand on my thoughts.

How do you think this release represents your current direction..
The bridge in "Love Cavity" created a new type of movement in my songs. I had previously usually gone to more minor chords for a bridge, then resolve. The bridge in "Love Cavity" almost sounds like a different song all together and the way it goes back into the final pre chorus really inspired the writing of my later melodies, including new songs that I plan on recording soon.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?
My parents. family, and best friend have always believed in me. Their almost "silent" advice of just coming to all of my shows and telling me how proud they are is honestly what has had one of the hugest impacts on my thinking forever. I have doubted myself a lot in music in the past, and the support and encouragement of my best friend and parents has always made me believe in myself and I have become proud of what I have created.

Being a musician today is competitive, and it can be very intimidating if you think too much about it. Comparing yourself to other musicians is dangerous and a slippery slope for any hope of a music career. I would say being a musician today requires a lot of confidence in yourself and passion for your music.


Jacqueline Jax speaks with Daphne about her new album and how songwriters need to dig deep to make true progress. Progress is impossible without change that’s why you have to be brave and let it happen. The secret to accepting change is to welcome the new energy instead of fighting that resistance of letting go of the old. How to stick with the making of your first album and what kinds of hurdles you have to over come. How to handle self doubts and stay in the process as you market your first album. How young artists are using social media today to express themselves and stay connected to fans.

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