Behind The Music with Dina D'Alessandro Beautiful Things on Dream World

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Jacqueline Jax speaks with Dina D'Alessandro from Beautiful Things on the re-invention of her sound with the new 5 song Ep. How technology has changed the landscape for songwriters and what every musician should think about when honing their sound.


Beautiful Things
Dina D'Alessandro - vocals, guitars
Grahame "Billy" Budd - bass
Sean X - keys, guitars

Person Interviewing: Dina D'Alessandro

Song name: Dream World (Sky Mix)

Music Genre:: Singer Songwiter/Alternative Rock

I live in... : Los Angeles, CA

Link to play::

Oh, how betrayal can change you. After it happens to you it’s like you were in a 'Dream World' forging a different reality with your betrayer. The harsh truth of your relationship comes at you quickly when the betrayal is revealed and it really stings. You lose your innocence and you’re from that point on you are never the same. That's the tale of Beautiful Thing's newest single 'Dream World'.

Can you describe your music for us?

Our music is heavily influenced by 80s alternative rock and dream pop with modern production elements and deeply personal lyrics similar to bands like The Corrs, Dido or Savage Garden. Making music is something our band feels compelled to do because music is very fulfilling for each of us. For me personally, creating music has also been a coping mechanism when life gets overwhelming. It’s an outlet for all the complex feelings inside my heart.

How do you think this release represents your current direction... 
Our new Dream World (Revisited) EP is made up of re-imagined songs from the first Beautiful Things album released 10 years ago, called just Dream World. I became curious about what could happen creatively if I let fresh ears take some of these songs apart and put them back together again in a new way.

I was hoping that Billy, Sean, and our producer Michael Rozon could take me out of my comfort zone that I usually default to regarding music production and help me realize the true potential of the songs; at least more than what I was able to achieve the first time. I think we accomplished this goal and I’m very proud of what we’ve done collectively on this EP. There are more electronic elements and atmospheric sounds than before, which we all love, and we hope to incorporate more sounds like these in our future releases.

What most inspires you?

I personally get inspired just from listening to other musicians, past and present. There's nothing like the feeling you get when your mind is blown by a melody, guitar chord, lyric, performance, etc. That feeling stirs my soul and compels me to keep creating even when it seems like no one is listening or no one cares. As a musician, you always hope that something you create will conjure those magical feelings in others.

The guitar was my first love since I was a kid and it will always be my favorite instrument. It's just fun!


How do you feel about the music business today?

The music business has changed so much since I started releasing music in 2003. Unfortunately for artists today, it's very difficult to make money compared to the days where you could exist in the analog space and sell physical CDs to stay afloat. 

The wonderful thing about being a musician today is that independent artists are taken much more seriously than they used to be. There used to be a really negative attitude towards independent artists like us because people would assume you were terrible if you weren't signed to a label. It was tough to be heard and/or appreciated by anyone. Nowadays every artist is in the same boat with regards to making money, indie or not. 

It's very difficult to sustain any music income and even famous artists need another income stream other than just music to make a living. So now people's minds are slowly opening to hearing what independent artists have to offer because the playing field has been leveled and the elitism of the past is slowly fading away.

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