Behind The Music with Jon Hannz on A.T.L.I.G and remembering where you came from

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Jon Hannz Behind the Music of A.T.L.I.G and knowing yourself as a Hip Hop artist. Listen to this episode as Jon and Jacqueline speak about how to connect your music with the right fans, creating a solid map for your music career, and how long it takes to build a Hip hop music career.

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Artist: Jon Hannz

Song name: A.T.L.I.G

Music Genre:: Hip Hop

I live in... : Georgia

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This song is about roots and recognizing a strong sense of self. Coming from nothing, I realize it’s so important for me to understand myself. Knowing my ability and what I am capable of helps me to stay positive and keep that forward motivational flow.

Artists I’ve been hearing are making very good music but sometimes it’s just for the industry and not something that resonates with me. I try to make music for the people that had to grow up like me and could not make the changes I did! So I try to empower my generation to do all and be all!

Music is a big part of our culture so in a way I feel like I’m adding to that story by creating powerful messages.

My music is for the poor kid that couldn’t afford clothes, the kid that had the free lunch card at school and was laughed at because he couldn’t afford a hair cut!

My music is liberating success and the American dream. Jon Hannz is the average man that worked with his hands to feed his family. I am inspired by this life and everything I experience. When no one else wanted you to be better, we became the best, that's the fight and the journey I'm on.

This music tells the tale of a grown man struggling to be more than his circumstances provided him.

I'm told that all it takes is dedication and discipline but you won't hear me complain, you'll only see me hustle and succeed.

What most inspires you?

My inspiration comes from my childhood. When you grow up with very little, you never loose that feeling and memory. You develop an appreciation for what's most important and understand the difference between empathy and pity. Seeing less as a child and feeling more as a man are two amazingly connected journeys that I am better for having experienced.

The music business & being a musician today

I feel the music business is a business taking from creative people for profit but as Jon Hannz says “If I’ve never been nothin, I’ve been a bar spitta, take no shorts in summer I’m so prepared for winter. Everybody keeps spitting lookin for a winner. It all sounds the same, Hannibal’s dinner.”

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Gregory Boyce Halls I am pretty bad when it comes to putting things off. . I won’t even write a song until I book studio time.

Victor Kanmelu very very bad my queen, once you get an idea do it, dont waste a second starting to do it because there is so much to do and every thing on the list is seriously important.

Eddie Heller I’ll let you know later if I have trouble with procrastination. lol. Great interview.

Hesh Meister Deadly.

Rich Drums I think its very make or break to a music career.

Daniel Barry Martin I thought that’s what a music career is?

Joe La Bianca There's a fear in recording sometimes. Not being able to get it right... For me anyways....

Thomas Craymer I use pretty much any spare time I get on writing and recording new material (: though I end up scrapping a lot of songs I write but don't have the time to record

Alan Garmonsway Wait for it... the answers coming soon! Seriously though, as there are so many elements to writing,recording, producing, marketing and selling, it’s not so much procrastination, but being in the zone for that part of the whole thing.

Richard Gallacher Wise

Richard Gallacher So many fkrs ahead of you taking your coin

Edward Schooley Those who hesitate lose out. “You have to hustle” You have to have a sense of urgency. However do not panic. The baboon hurried up the tree when he sees the lion approach. The lion waits at the bottom of the tree. Because the baboon will panic and shake himself out of the tree. Only to be the victim of one patient lion. Do not be a baboon. Panic can cause you much pain and sorrow. Most importantly your health. Keep a cool head and be wise. Knowledge is only powerful when it’s lead by wisdom. 😀👍

Robert Hayett Those who procrastinate get left in the dust