Behind the Music with Kerry Kathleen on Homegirl

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Band Name: Kerry Kathleen

Song name: Homegirl

Music Genre: Indie pop

I live in... Santa Rosa, CA (wine country)

Link to play::

Homegirl was written about my roommate who I felt was like family and I couldn’t let her go. We both knew at this moment that we were meant to be living together, as we inspire each other and vibe really well. We decided to pursue writing music together more and our goal is to perform at Bottlerock in a few years.

This single Homegirl represents the new path for my music. I have been writing my EP and have 5 songs currently that I am very excited to share in the future. It’s feel-good music but also chill and dreamy pop. It’s relatable and I believe can cross over into different pop genres.

I love being able to be fully myself when I sing and sharing my emotion through music with the world is now a reality with this release of my debut single. I’m excited to keep writing music.

Have you enjoyed being in this business so far?

So far, this is just new to me. It hasn’t been pressure for me because it’s not my full-time job. I'm just enjoying the process of writing and producing the songs. I think as long as I stay true to myself, and I find gigs that fit well for me, I think I’ll continue to have a positive experience. I believe kindness and being present goes a long way so I try to show up for my fellow artists when I can. It’s nice to be part of a music community and be around other musicians in my area.


I write music based on real life and relationships…
For me relationships whether platonic or not are the glue of life and I love deeply. I hope that comes through in my music and especially the love for my roommate Katie in the song “Homegirl.”

What most inspires you?: 
I am a wine lover and have been singing since I was a child. (Mostly choirs) My father is a musician. I picked up a guitar about 7 years ago after I graduated college and ever since then I’ve loved writing music. It’s a release for me and the process brings me peace. Now I’m also play piano and have found the piano to be super inspiring for my dream pop, singer songwriter style. The next few songs on my EP will lean more towards that vein.

What do you most love about creating music?

I love to create. It’s an escape that takes me away. When I sing all my troubles go away and performing is an adrenaline rush. I really want to focus on creating very unique songs for my EP that should incorporate along with this song well but perhaps a bit more dreamy. I also have some upbeat and darker song themes. I’ll be recording that EP very soon in LA.

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Jacqueline Jax sits down with Singer Songwriter Kerry Kathleen about what it’s like to be a new comer in the music business. Could there be a New Ep in this artists near future? Also listen to this discussion on kindness and being present for your fellow musicians, building community and how she’s finding just the right gigs in LA to feature her craft.