Behind The Music with Mr. All The Way on Clout Chaser


Band Name: Mr. All The Way

Person Interviewing: LaDarius Williams

Song name: Clout Chaser

Music Genre: HipHop

I live in... Chicago IL

The song "Clout Chaser" is basically about people who are willing to do anything for fame. Even discredit or try to shame others for there own self-gain.

My music is hard-hitting and coming straight at the audience. My vocals are powerful and I speak the truth. I create music for the audience out there that feeds off high energy and wants great entertaining music to listen too. and My music comes from the heart and I want to lift someone if they were feeling down by bringing my electrifying vocal projection to the forefront.

Hip-hop legends such as Ice Cube, Jay Z, Scarface, and 2 pac are just some examples of what drives me to create music and to bring the current state of hip-hop back to making sense as far as lyrics are concerned.


This single fits in my overall style of telling the truth and being able to come across smooth but still powerful and impactful at the same time, and because I am speaking on the current events of people that clout chase. which is a person that only hangs with certain people or starts beef with people to gain popularity.

As far as my brand "Rock Bottom Entertainment" which I am CEO of, it is about coming from a dark low place, and being able to overcome obstacles in life no matter what the circumstances are or were. Being able to have strong faith, always pushing forward, and never quitting. The single "Clout Chaser" was produced by mstacks, who is a DJ and billboard charting producer. He blessed me with a production package which I created this single off of, and it was incredible.

 What inspires me is my family, good friends I'm around, and supporting our veterans and military families. I've been recording music since I was 15 and I create music for the love I have of the hip-hop culture, and ever since I've heard a melody, drum, lyrics or any instrument, I was in love with music, fascinated by it, and wanted to be able to create my style of it as far as in the hip-hop genre. my favorite instrument has always been the drum. When I first took a music class in grammar school with Ms. Edge she placed me on the drums and I just love the deep and powerful sound that drums give off. similar to my sound on songs when I record music.

The music business to me now as far as hip-hop is concerned as gotten a little watered down to me. No originality, no meaning, and certain artist now are just following trends and not trying to create their own image. lyrics to have lost meaning. I remember when I would listen to hip-hop artists such as beanie sigel, biggie smalls, ice cube, nas, and even 50 cent, they told a story and you can follow them on their journey.

They made sense when they spoke and I use to say "How do they put those words together" and now people I've talked to or came across say "I can rap too" because the artist now doesn't make any sense and making up words that don't exist and not in the English language.

Being a musician today can be a rough path especially with the current state of hip-hop. It's a long journey and sometimes discouraging one, but with the right team, passion, and never quit attitude, and always staying true to yourself. It can happen and it can be a very promising future for you. Also not following others but have others follow you. My most famous quote is "Yo Betta Get On Up" and everyone I know that has seen my motivation videos are inspired and ready to get up get to it.

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