Behind The Music with Qraze on Hating


Band Name: Qraze

Song name: Hating

Music Genre: pop

I live in... Sacramento, California

Link to play::

People mad at women for their strength to do it alone, but there are some women who are doing it and we are doing it bigger than ever. The real question is. Why you mad? Why hating on me?

I create to get out what I feel inside.... I no longer have my granny to tell my thoughts so now I'll tell the world.

This release is the foundation, accepting the strength it takes to be a woman and as I continue to grow in my strength I continue to make music.

What most inspires you?
I create music because I like to feel good. I like to get up and move, dance around acting out the music. The good music. Then I can clean my house to this or I can't wait to show it off and dance like no one is watching.

Enrichment come from seeing the people in my life enjoying it, and our good times hopefully can bring the joy we have to others who hear it. I hate to focus on the bad due to life being so short, I feel that we need to love more and be as happy as possible.

Negativity is here , bad will always be there but that means that GOOD is also there. Showing my family, my children I work with and the people around me. I love the piano and guitar, they bring me the most peace.

The music business is business, however as a musician it's our job to create the enviroment. We must hold that with high regard and bring joy back to the world.