Behind The Music with Sepsiss on FAIR TO SAY

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Band Name: Sepsiss

Person Interviewing: 
William Savant (Guitar) Writer and & Cam Loud (Guitar) on interview.
Melissa Wolf Lead singer
Synth Mr Good Bar
Robert Pan (pan Man) on drums
Glen Robinson : Mastering and Grammy award winning producer (Glenn Miller Band)


Cam Loud, Guitarist for Sepsiss joins host Jacqueline Jax for an up close and personal interview about the bands current direction working with Grammy winning producer/engineer/mixer Glen Robinson (The Ramones, Beach Boys, U2 and the Rolling Stones) . They also discuss how they came together and what roll a band plays in todays music sphere on social media. 


New Single: "FAIR TO SAY"
I live in... Portsmouth, NH

Link to play:

This song is about...
It honestly a simple song about dumping you are significant and having fun while in the process of ditching them. Basically keeping them on a string for re up sex and small talk. We were so excited to get this song back from our producer because it became so much more than ever expected. “Fair To Say” shows you how heavy a soft song can be.

My music is...
It’s a great song that shows our sonic finger print. Being a musician today means I always strive to stand out in a room full of lap tops and plugins. Being a band is like a family so we make all of our decisions based on mutual agreement. We come together daily to either rehearse of talk about the future goals.

What is Sepsiss
Sepsiss to me is proving a point of what rock n roll has become and what it’s coming to be. We aren’t just a typical Metal band doing break downs and screaming lyrics, we are reliably unpredictable. Our music is redefining the usual mix of Metal and Rock and Roll, we are trying for a sound that is definable in our own way.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking
Discipline makes the man. “

What’s Ahead..
During cold weather months we are recording new material and rehearsals. In the Spring, that’s our season for touring and getting the music in front of our fans.

We have a video shoot starting in March and we are currently mixing our New EP. You’ll see one single at a time coming out.

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Behind the Music Interview:

February 13 Wednesday at 2 pm et
New Episode 679 Behind The Music with Sepsiss on Fair To Say