Behind the Music with Resa Anna on My New Life and why she started making music

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No one knows about being inspired by music more than UK Songwriter Resa Anna who found her way back to music after singing to her new born child while fighting for a life in the hospital. This episode talks about bullying, finding your passion and your place in this world. Don't let anyone determine your value or what will make your life better. Celebrate that one life to live. Resa Anna My New Life.


Band Name: Resa Anna
Ollie Robinson (Producer) Armistice Records/Abbey Road Studios

Person Interviewing: Resa Anna

Song name: My New Life

Music Genre: Poprock, Countrypop, Countryrock, Singer-Songwriter

I live in... London UK

Link to play:

This song is about leaving a sad time of my life behind and starting a new chapter work-wise and music-wise. It's about following your dreams & passion and not letting anyone's opinion stop you in doing what you love.


My music is...
Writing my music started when I was around 12 years old, creating music makes me happy and calm, I can be who I am on stage and forget about all the sadness & frustration and I love to be able to connect to strangers with my songs.

How do you think this release represents your current direction...
My new single "My New Life" represents my way of moving away from Vienna to London to find my confidence and start a new life. I wanted to be happy again and in the last 5 years I have achieved everything that I have ever dreamt of. I found the love of my life, became a mum, got the job that I always wanted and now I finally released my first own written single. I worked on this project with Ollie Robinson/Armistice Records/Abbey Roads Studios Institute. He helped me with adding all the instruments, pushed me over the finish line and also gave me a lot of useful tips and tricks on how to release my first single.

What most inspires you?
I am a musician for as long as I can remember. My mum always says I started singing before I could even talk. The reason why I create music is that I can tell other ppl my story or experiences and hopefully can help them overcome their fears and struggles so they can live their life to their full potential.

The music business...
It is way easier to become a musician today than it was before thanks to the internet & social media. In the last 5 years, the music business changed so much from physical CDs or even before that from vinyl to listen to music via the streaming site as Spotify. This change was long overdue. Even if it is great to be able to release your music and find fans worldwide the way musicians can make money for their music nowadays has changed dramatically. The way musicians make money nowadays is different as the income stream is mainly from touring & merch rather than the music itself.

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Slam Dunk I first knew that I wanted to play music when I heard the Beach Boys when I was 4 years old. Thanks for telling that story.

Doozy Axcent I always made music my whole life but I started making music seriously when I was in my early teens. It’s nice to hear someone talk about their story so passionately.

Joe Gallagher Jr. I knew I wanted to play music when I was listening to my uncle and his friends jamming out Grateful Dead tunes when I was 8 yrs old. It left a lasting impression.

Jacqueline Jax I grew up with a musical family. My Mom was always into music and hung out with my Cousin Bill Evans and people like Miles Davis from back in the 60's when they recorded Kind of Blue, the best-selling jazz album of all time. Chet Baker was also part of their crew and Eddie Gómez who became a huge part of his musical family. While I was growing up, my Mom was working in Las Vegas in creating major shows that ran for years as headlines in Hotels like MGM, Ceasars and Tropicana on the Strip. On the other side of my family, my Aunt and Uncle has a radio station network RJ Group composed of broadcasting, entertainment, and music store enterprises 11 total FM and AM radio stations and a TV station RJ FM 100.3, the flagship radio station of the group, plays the greatest and the latest hits from five decades. still #1 across all of the Philippines for 54 years. I definitely grew up in the entertainment business and have been in it ever since. I love it.

Doozy Axcent I always made music my whole life but I started making music seriously when I was in my early teens

Victor Kanmelu my queen when what i felt deep down couldn't be said in words but can only be expressed through music. it releases the stress, the pain coupled with now it brings money to me. thats incredibly greatest.

Thomas Craymer When I was 14 we had an assignment at highschool to each write a simple song using FL Studio.... having been clasically trained on piano since I was 8 or 9, it was an easy task and I wrote several songs that were more complex than my teacher expected.... that's where it started (: around a year later I started teaching myself guitar and bass too

Daniel Gueron Josko 1st instrument, before the piano, was the accordion. 😊. But it was until I was 13/14 that I realized I wanted to produce music more than anything. At the time, we would record songs from the radio hoping that the DJ would not talk over the intros.

Michael Carrasco My brother told me if I wanted to get laid, learn how to play the guitar. I never looked back. 😂

Tim Mackey My parents bought a guitar for my older brother. I used to sneak into his room and play it and got way better than him so I ended up getting the lessons!🤣

Daniel Barry Martin Everybody wants to have a go, Music at primary(kindergarten)school was cool in the 80s with the old keyboards and the hippy teachers were like imagine what sound a snake makes or what does the wind sound like and all the kids would make a load of noise. I think that’s where it started for me, it’s driven by imagination

Robert Hayett I knew very early in life (age 8?), but confirmed it after seeing Bill Blue in person.

Steve Bello When I saw original bands as a teen and thought "I can write better stuff" LOL!

Hesh Meister I was always a musical kid, but I have to say that the I-wanna-rock bug first bit me when I was thirteen.

Salina Regmi I was about 12 or 13 years old when I wrote my 1st song

John Gagne Before I was born on the planet Frankletwam I was a mean musician before I asked to transfer I to a vessel on earth

Karisa Kay 8 years old when I wrote my first song!!

Caroline Miage When I was 9. I tried playing the piano with 1finger.

Aryn Archer Britney Spears Oops... I did I Did It Again, making the video on MTV. That was the moment it hit. Almost 20 years ago.

Lu Cachie When I heard Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin that’s when I knew.