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Band Name: Rosetta Fire: Anthony Gliddon (vocals + acoustic guitar), Jimmy Lapworth (guitar + vocals), Matt Ball (guitar + keys), Emily Knight (bass + vocals), Andy Wheeler (drums + vocals)

Song name: Shakedown

Music Genre: Rock/Pop

I live in... Warwickshire, UK

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The single is about renewal.
Sometimes you need to shake things up, to embrace change, in order for things to move forward. The song focuses on a personal relationship but it's sentiment could apply to anything and everything.

Rosetta Fire's music is melodic, catchy and poppy without lacking depth. Each song has something new to offer - a hook line that makes your ears prick up; a chord change that makes catches your attention; a lyric that you resonate with. The desire to make music primal. If you've got it, you have to follow it. That never leaves you.


How do you think this release represents your current direction?
The band's songs are all about hitting you with hook lines that have a depth you get on subsequent listens. 'Shakedown' is pure guitar/vocal power pop. But it's got a message that you either choose to listen to or not. If you do then you'll get more from the song than if not. It was produced by Matt Cotterill at Flipside Studios in Coventry, UK. He's a very methodical producer that strives to make something as good as it can be. The version of the song we took in is different to the version you hear.

What most inspires you? 
As I said before, creating music is an urge. If we weren't playing in Rosetta Fire, we'd be playing in another band doing something else. For me, inspiration comes from conflict. No great song or album was ever recorded where everyone was happy clappy and everything in their lives was perfect. Creativity needs conflict. Love songs are written by people who dread the prospect of losing the person they're writing the song about. They express that love as a way of making themselves feel more secure within themselves. Anyone who writes music, paints, writes literature etc will almost all tell you it is a form of therapy, a way of them dealing with things going on around them.

The music business today is…
so fast moving that, as a musician, it is almost impossible to keep up with. Just understanding the income streams is a task in itself. Never more did musicians play because they love it than now. In removing the old industry business models, the cream rises to the top in terms of who is business and social media savvy. I know of one person who has had several offers from major labels, but he's turned them down because he realises he's empowered by being in control of all the elements. If you can dedicate yourself to that life, fair play to you.

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Interview: Behind the Music with Rosetta Fire on Shakedown

Host Jacqueline Jax sits down with Anthony Gliddon from Rosetta Fire in Liverpool UK to chat about their single “Shakedown”, what the band is most looking forward to and why it’s a label-less music industry today for indie artists. Come walk the journey, listen in today.