Behind The Music with VOVKULAKA on Purple Door

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Music Featuring: Naya G~~~VolK~~~JuleZ

Person Interviewing: Producer Darian Rundall VolK Vovkulaka

Song name: Purple Door

Music Genre: Metal

I live in...
Odessa, Ukraine. Music producer for the band, Darian lives in the Los Angeles Mountain area above San Bernardino.

What’s it like to work together?
It can be difficult to find that middle ground in the music. We call that “Got to go gt a coffee” time and that becomes our saving grace of time out. We never like to settle so some times we spend endless hours on details but ultimately we try to let the music determine the projects depth and time line.

It’s really important to leave your ego at the door when your working on music. Even if you think you have a hit, you’ve got to keep your mind open to critic from your band mates and producer. There’s no room for ego in music. At the end of the day, you can never say a songs bad or good because it’s art and that’s always going to be the main focus of the work.

Link to play: Spotify 'Purple Door' Link:

This song is about...
Good vs. Evil... Temptation: Do you live your life for 'Bodhi' (enlightenment) OR do you yearn for the Darkness? When you open that Door, what will it be... ?


My music is...
Evil...Metal...Pain Never Sounded So Good.

How do you think this release represents your current direction..
Darian: I think the direction is moving toward more focused themes and a musical interpretation of darkness. There are first hand accounts of paranormal and evil that are woven into a progressive and heavy framework, with a cinematic ambience.

VolK: This track epitomizes the Vovkulaka Message... This song is based on a REAL event that happened to the Band. It ended up in an unpleasant circumstance; thus, it was a perfect libretto for us...

What most inspires you? 
Darian: For this project I think it's the real encounters with paranormal investigations as well as some of the horror and spirit based literature. Many songs though are based on actual experiences...

VolK: My Inspiration?
The Dark Side... The Angst... The Evil. But, within this, expressing a positive - though not easy to detect - message...

Favorite Quote:
Darian: I think to be a musician today you need to think of alternate revenue streams. Merch is great. Streaming generally won't make you any money. You have to be savvy with brand building because the days of the labels building your brand are over. In short, study marketing as much as you study music.

VolK: Being a Musician Today?
You must focus on your Fans... more than ever due to the changing Music Business. In my opinion, this means you must Tour and play live constantly... You must BRING IT to and for your fans... 200% at every live show.

Interview coming up April 24th at 8:30 pm et:
VOVKULAKA featuring their new release ‘Purple Door’ Interview with VolK and Producer, Darian Rundall. Hosted by Jacqueline Jax.


Music Featuring: Naya G~~~VolK~~~JuleZ

Music Featuring: Naya G~~~VolK~~~JuleZ