Mixing Music and Fashion on Behind The Music with Zita Barbara

Mixing Music and Fashion on Behind The Music with Zita Barbara  jacqueline jax @AVALIVERADIO(1).png

Band Name: Zita-Barbara (Singer-Songwriter)

Song name: Rich and Beautiful

Music Genre:: Pop

I live in... San Antonio, Texas

Link to play:: https://www.reverbnation.com/zitabarbara/song/31012654-rich-and-beautiful

This song is about...
Fashion. This song was written to create a "grand entrance" as the first fashion designer on stage at "The Exchange" (Premiere Night Club in downtown L.A.) The event had a sold-out crowd and line that went around the block. The two-story club was filled to the brim with people listening to this song while models walked down the catwalk holding art and modeling high-end fashion that was a mix of fashion-art. (Couture designs by Zita-Barbara, a street-wear designer Bad Behavior, with the Bonita Natural-fashion line and RAW Artists- to create an out-of-this-world fashion-art show.)

My music is...

I'm like a volcano. There are emotions that I let build under the surface. On the outside, everything looks fine for a while...until I can't hold it in. I'm like one of those "dormant" kinds of volcanoes that look peaceful for a good long time and explode...and creates like a new Hawaiian Island while I'm at it. That's the best visual example I can think of. There is a ton of destruction that goes into creating, people just get to experience the aftermath. The way I explode into creative projects seems "unstoppable" at the time like I can't just shut it off. I will go on and on with creative projects until there is nothing left. I'm glad it is a creativity that I use as an outlet because it is very hard to know when I am upset or just creative. People may even ask me how I manage to stay cool, calm and collected most of the time.

All the while, I can feel myself get swollen with sentiments, pains, unaddressed tensions, and it seems like after a while of feeling words line up in my mind and throat until I burst. Around that point is when I attempt to express something I've held inside a while. I shut myself away and work. I work on some ideas that repeat in my mind until they turn into songs. I feel like I say what we are all thinking, except that instead of being looked at as the person with no filter, I sing it in such a nice way people enjoy it when I express. Maybe music is my way of choosing what I need to say so carefully that when I finally construct my point it sounds like music. (Not every creative project starts this way, but it feels like the majority or they have come out of "creative eruptions.")

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How do you think this release represents your current direction..

Yes, most definitely. I have decided to create a fashion line for myself a while back. As an indie-artist it is important to realize at some point you are also an entrepreneur. Since I have a diverse background as being a fine-artist I decided to convert my art into fashion people can wear in the form of scarves, shirts, and jewelry to support my music. From there, I have worked to collaborate with other established designers and fashion brands to learn the fashion industry.

The Texas fashion industry is expanding, so in the film industry here, and so is the state in general, so it made sense to me to collaborate with brands like Bonita Natural and Shape Ur Figure (who already have a presence in the fashion community of Texas.) By combining our efforts we have been able to produce mega-fashion shows and arrange to travel outside of Texas to become more international as brands, and me as a singer. It has benefitted everyone involved. A model out of Austin once ran up to me and hugged me to let me know that after the L.A. Showcase (in which he was able to open with this song "Rich and Beautiful") his modeling career has flourished. With the experience, he was scouted by major players in the fashion world. He was able to walk the runway at Fashion Week N.Y.

With this song "Rich and Beautiful" a lot of high-end luxury brands have come out of the woodwork to see about product placement in the music video which is going to take this music video project to a whole other level in terms of production value and budget. There is a lot I can't discuss what is about to happen, but I feel like this song and video should put a ton of people on the "map." Some are already on the "map" so it will likely be the next big thing in how people are rallying around the success of the project and song.

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What most inspires you?

My favorite instrument is the voice. The reason being that it is much more expressive to me (when the artist is involved with what they are expressing) than a ton of other instruments. It is like a blend between acting, poetry, and also music, to be a singer. For me, as a songwriter, there is no other instrument I trust to express the words I write.

I use my voice to create. It normally starts with a little phrase or words or music that I build around over time. I have tried to "force it out" of me and have come up with cringe lyrics that way. The little known fact is this song "Rich and Beautiful" started with me belting to "get out of the friend-zone." I was "torn" on which direction to take this song in. It was a group of friends and my producer (ultimately) that saved me from possibly a very cringe song. If you hear the belting at the chorus and image the words, "get me out of the friend-zone" you can feel the cringe for yourself.

 "A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence."

Website & social media links:
Reverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/zitabarbara/song/31012654-rich-and-beautiful
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZitaBarbaraSanders
Instragram: @zitabarbara
Soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/zita-barbara

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