Black Cadillac Kings Come 'Upside The Wall' at High Speeds with their newest single

Black cadillac kings avaliveradio.png

Artist: Black Cadillac Kings

New Release: Upside The Wall

Genre: Southern Style Rock

Located in: Klamath Falls, Oregon

This song is fast moving, quick pit stop structured song meaning it has the feeling of rolling down the highway at high speeds. Very catchy/bluesy guitar riffs and ultra southern slide Guitar lead licks mixed with thunderous drums and a stand-up bass that helps it keep a down-home southern rock groove combined with a rockabilly twist.


The vocals lend a unique style in the originality of the sound of Shane Thornton (Lead) and Chris Garrett’s (Harmony) voices give them a sound all their own. Thornton plays rhythm acoustic 12 string guitar with an overdriven tone so you wouldn’t know it was a 12 string acoustic by hearing it. Garrett’s drums sound large and in charge. You can definitely feel them when they come in with the snare fill in the beginning.

Otis Dean Oliver’ stand up bass has a very woodsy tone to the mix combined with a low-end subsonic wallop and a top end tick as the wire strings slaps the wood fingerboard.

Vic Picks’ gritty toned lead slide guitar licks are as tasty as they come, slippery and so greasy you anticipate his next licks. The lyrics are catchy and clever regarding the race car/sexual innuendos that persist through the entirety of the tune. The melody and the flow of cadence’s with the lyrics come at you fast, hard and lots of them.

Thornton does an excellent job delivering the lead vocals. One can perhaps hear a tint of Lynyrd Skynyrd in the middle where the rhythm guitar takes the intro to the slide guitar solo that dances around in a Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) fashion.

This song has many tight turns and stops in the arrangement that keeps the listeners anticipating the next part while keeping the feet moving throughout. It makes you feel like dancing! Upside The Wall.

The name of this album is called’ 4 On The Floor.’ We took a harder, grittier, darker approach to this record both musically and lyrically. It is definitely the hardest rocking record that Black Cadillac Kings has released thus far compared to our 3 previous records 1. Self-titled Black Cadillac Kings 2. 2nd GEAR 3. 3 On The Tree

And now with our 4th. 4 OnThe Floor, there is no stopping the big black Cadillac train from derailing into fans’ hearts with songs like Everlasting Pain, Tear Dust Blues, Heart Body Mind and Sheep make this group of songs a very memorable overall feel.

Right now we are gearing up for a mini-tour across the country starting off in our home town of Klamath Falls, Oregon at the Basin Brew & Que festival. Then we are off to Atlanta, GA to attend the 2019 ISSA AWARDS where Black Cadillac Kings have been nominated to the finals in 3 categories: Entertainer Of The Year, Band Of The Year and Single Of The Year! Plus! We have been invited to play THE ISSA PRE-Party held at the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Atlanta. There we will share the stage with some fantastic indie artists and peers in our industry. It will be a great place and a weekend full of events that will bring us and so many others a heap of contacts. and opportunities. After the crazy weekend in Atlanta, we play San Antonio, Texas at a venue called Fitzgeralds Bar. We start making our way back home to continue recording our next recording out by Christmas this year.


Twitter : @BlackCaddyKings