New Single from Black Rose Reception 'Silence is Golden'

Artist: Black Rose Reception
New Release: Silence is Golden

Genre: Rock

Black Rose Reception was established in 2003 by drummer Jeff Crowder and bassist/vocalist Mark Lloyd. Then, in 2004 came along guitarist/vocalist Pat Gillespie. The original members rooted an identity as a three-piece rock, hard rock, with a progressive edge. Also the band writes all their own material from lyrics to music. The lyrics tell an amazing story with an 'old school heart & soul'.

In 2017, Jason Swazay was welcomed to the BRR music brigade as a 2nd guitarist. We have forever taken the high road on all of our projects! The BRR rock n' roll brothers of four now are getting ready to record new tracks in 2019

The music business with today's social media it has been a game changer. Alot of talented artists out there to be discovered.