Behind The Music with Briana Renea on Unstoppable

Briana Renea.png

Briana Renea – Singer
Jacob Wambach – Rhythm Guitar
Erik Janzon – Lead Guitar
Jeff Cole – Drummer
Jason Johnson – Bass


Song name: Unstoppable

Music Genre: Country

I cowrote this song with one of my good friends and main cowriters Steve Mitchell. I started this song about a year and a half ago but ended up setting it aside. I had this idea for the chorus but got stuck on what I wanted the verses to say so it ended up not getting it finished until earlier this year. Recently I was in need of a song that would help inspire people and deliver a positive message.

I almost completely forgot about this song until one day I went looking through my catalog of songs and stumbled on the rough work tape of Unstoppable.

I immediately sent the idea over to Steve and said can you help me finish this song? Steve and I sat down for a writing session and reworked the chorus a little to get the hook to sing perfectly and then began working on the verses. It took two writing sessions to finish the song but when it was done I was thrilled with how it turned out.

My hope for this song was to help listeners feel like they weren’t alone and to let them know that if you set your mind to something you can do it. I wanted people to hear Unstoppable and go “I can do it!”

Or on a bad day know that someone somewhere is feeling the same way. I hope that when listeners hear Unstoppable they will be inspired. This song is about life and the ups and downs it throws at you and if you put your mind to it you can be a force of nature and be unstoppable.

My music very high energy and blurs the line between rock and country.
It’s very personal. My original songs are about real life experiences. I try to tell a story with my music that people can relate to. Country music speaks to many listeners through the heart. Songs about real life, along with the ups and downs everyone faces at some point or another.

Just as individuals can relate to quotes that they feel are descriptions of themselves, people do the same with their music. I try to capture all of that with my music. People often relate songs to a person, particular event, or just a happy time in their lives. They can relay personal thoughts and feelings about people and places, after all can’t you think of at least one song that describes a relationship in your life? Do you and your significant other have a particular song that is your song? That’s why I write and sing the music I do, it speaks to you in a unique way.


I grew up on 80s rock and 90s country and that greatly shaped and influenced my musical style. My first album was very rock country and was a little outside the box. When I wrote my second EP I kept the rock edge but really tried to keep it real and personal.

My new music that is coming out is a whole new side of me I didn’t know I had. I’ve had some ups and downs in my life personally and professionally and I’ve tapped into that and embraced it. My music is maturing and growing as I grow as a person and musician. I am excited to see where this growth takes me and how people react to it.


I create music from life.
Watching people, experiencing experiences and living my life. As a writer and storyteller I have to listen and listen closely. I may hear something that spurs an idea or thought to blossom. If I hear something that seems like a fun idea or think of something fun I either write it down in my journal or get it in my phone so I do not forget it.

Staying focused…
Ever since I was a little kid I have run in 100 different directions. That still seems to be the case for me. I believe that since I have always done a tone of things that now it is second nature to me. I have since I was a kid been involved in school, choir, theater, 4-H, FFA, and shown horses. Now Im attending school at Oregon State University full time, show horses on the side and do music full time. I have found that the easiest way to explain my life is controlled chaos.


A good friend of mine once said, “there is no such thing as a stupid idea, you never know if someone else in the room has the same idea as you or can put a spin on what you’re thinking.” In the writing room you become very vulnerable and open with your cowriters so you have to trust them and trust yourself that what you say will help make a song great. Sometimes an idea come out wrong and maybe a little stupid in your eyes but when you write with good people they take that and run with it. That is a piece of advice I still think about.


I live in…
I live in Canby, Oregon. Here in the Pacific Northwest we have the 3-5 jam packed months of fairs and festivals. I spend a majority of my summer performing at fairs and festivals. I have traveled and entertained country fans throughout the Northwest, and shared the stage with notable acts such as Joe Nichols, Old Dominion, Canaan Smith, Sammy Kershaw and The Cadillac Three. During the rainy season I perform at my local bars and casinos in Oregon and Washington.


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