New Hip Hop Single from BRM 'Time Flies'

BRM avaliveradio.png

Artist: BRM

New Release: Time Flies

Genre: Hip hop

An artists from Montreal who grew up listening to old school rappers like tech 9, Eminem, and Kanye West ...  His music merges the old with the new creating a unique stand out vibe. His Favorite saying: Never settle for less than your worth.

I’m a self made independant artist from montreal where alot of drama threw me in a place where I need to work alone. Got thrown around alot when I was younger alot of people didn’t understand me, so I started writing to express myself where I could be heard. 

This song was intended on motivating you no matter who is in the way, because people do get in the way. What i mean by the hook is "you cant waist an opportunity, if you believe you can achieve, a dream never dies"

As of my style , I try to stay unique .. more old school story teller. I like to speak of whats going on and push people to keep going despite the hard times when life likes to play tricks on you.

I Actually work acting jobs in Toronto, but haven't played any rap shows... 


Soundcloud @BigRedMan 

Snapchat? @RedTemper96


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