Behind The music with Greg Hoy & The Boys on Brilliant Jerk!

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Band Name: Greg Hoy & The Boys (Greg, Jason, Nate)

Song name: Brilliant Jerk!

Music Genre: Rock Dance

I live in... San Francisco, CA

Link to play:

This song is about that guy. The one at the party. The one that won't shut up. My music is guitars, bass, drums, and melody to make you dance. “Brilliant Jerk” is a mid-tempo dance track which is a little more funky than our other caffeinated hits but people seem to enjoy it.

What most inspires you?
Being a musician is more important than ever: it brings us together, makes us think, and keeps reminding us we're all human. It's a compulsion, and a therapy. I think the result is pretty top shelf, and I've been writing and releasing records since the 00s.

We took a year to record and release these 22 songs on double vinyl, cassette, and 2 CDs.

What are you most excited about right now?
I’m most excited about meeting new people this next year and playing my songs for them. It’s going to give the songs a new life for me .

What do you wish you new when you started but you know now?
Get ride of self consciousness and stop worrying about what people think, just be the best you can be for yourself and let that good vibe radiate into the people around you.

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Behind The Music Interview:
Greg Hoy joins Jacqueline Jax for a chat on the high tech changes in San Francisco and renovation of their bus to get on tour. The plan to collaborate with other musicians across the US to play the shows. Also fun ideas for gathering amazing content while on the road that can boost your subscriber base and provide special content for your fans. Understand why this artist choose to focus on licensing vs online fan seeking first. His feeling on music merchandise, vinyl, cassettes and CDS.

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