Behind The Music with Tough On Fridays on Little Italy

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“Despite great efforts there are still not a lot of women in the music industry, especially in the alternative scene. We're looking to change that.”

Band Name: Tough On Fridays
Katie - Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Caleigh - Guitar & Vocals

Person Interviewing: Eric Nielsen

Song name: Little Italy
Music Genre: Alternative Rock
I live in... Georgetown, TX

Link to play:

"Little Italy" is about betrayal by someone you love. "Little Italy" is a reference to 'love." Ex. "Oh (love) what have you done to me?" "Little Italy" was the first song TOF wrote while they were in middle school.

Our music is influenced by the stalwarts of pop-punk and alternative rock - Blink, Paramore, Nirvana, Green Day. We've been known to refer to our sub-genre as "progressive pop-punk" since we're taking that music and working it into something not really pop-punk but us.

People have tried to describe our music as "Blink-182 meets the Cranberries" and such, but our fervent fans say we sound like Tough On Fridays and that there's nothing else out there like us. We write our music to relate and connect with our listeners on a personal level through our lyrics and draw them in with the music and our songwriting.


How do you think this release represents your current direction.
"Little Italy" was written a long time ago (to us anyway). It's not really representative of our current direction as we've continued to grow over the years as has our music. It's more a song that we recognize helped pave the way to what could be improved on and possibly point the way to our future direction & releases.

What most inspires you?: 

From Caleigh:
The feedback from our listeners keeps the motivation and inspiration alive. I create music hopefully to help someone else going through something similar to what I've been through. My fav instruments are def drums and guitar.  Katie adds: And bass.


Behind The Music Interview with Tough On Fridays on Little Italy

Katie from the band Tough on Fridays and Co producer / manager, Eric Nielsen speak with Jacqueline Jax about their new single “Little Italy’, being a female in the music business and how they have pushed to inspire young women all over the world to live their dream. Topics also include , the powerful back story that social media offers to fans of artists. How they are kickstarting their album and have found success in their latest campaign.

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