New Release from Capitansam 'Dancing With Me'

Capitan sam 1.jpg

Artist: Capitansam
New Release: Dancing With Me
Genre: Singer-songwriter


UK singer-songwriter from Manchester releases new album available on all media platforms. Colors of soul, pop, blues and rock, the new single is short, simple and sweet but full of soul.

I write music to express my emotions, happy, sad, angry, amazed...

I find music has amazing qualities to connect with people from all backgrounds, and helps heal the soul.

Music is my emotional outlet, be it joy, happiness, sadness, anger... It is the universal language with which we can connect with anyone of any age, culture or race.

Being a musician in the UK can be hard today, with a lot of disingenuous people within the industry. The dynamic can be one of conform to the expected generic norms, rather than we like you for your your individuality or unique and fascinating sound.

However, there is a thriving unsigned scene in the city of Manchester, especially amongst some of the open mic scenes such as White Lion and Old Pint Pot where musicians of various caliber and ANY style are embraced in welcoming culture which celebrates creativity and live performance. 

Capitansam is a singer-songwriter who loves performance and song-writing and collaborating. He fuses pop and rock with blues and soul, with flavours of folk and latin at times.

I am always grateful and amazed at the genuine belief, interest and respect AVA Live Radio has for new music.