New Alternative Rock Single from Chanidu 'Easy Life'

Chanidu concert nightypic.jpg

Artist: Chanidu

New Release: Easy Life

Genre: Alternative Rock

Located in: Edison, New Jersey USA

Easy Life’ is about what we come to find out as life progresses that life is not easy. This is found in all aspects of life, e.g marriage, work or type of work, schooling in the sense that if you do not study, you may not pass. Look at the quest for gold, gold hunters dig through deep seas and beyond to find gold, sometimes they do and sometimes they come out empty. This is the aspect of life that may or may not be. This quest to find a better life can come through but not until you lay the foundation, therefore there is no easy life.

The music we are creating is...
It helps to keep me under check to remind me that everyday comes with a struggle to get to tomorrow. And tomorrow is unpredictable

Right now we are...
Easy Life has a video clip. Right now I took a studio time to record a song I wrote for my mom's passing in August 2018. Every mother should be loved and I have not met any one who doesn't. I do have an EP on my website that is not released yet titled "Enjoy the day".