New Single 'Gone but not forgotten: Mom's eulogy' from Chanidu

Artist: Chanidu

New Release: Gone but not forgotten. Mom's eulogy

Genre: Alternative rock

Located in: Edison, New Jersey USA

This song eulogizes moms who have passed on. The love they gave to us while they were here, the sacrifices they made to get us where we are not and also where we will be tomorrow.


The music we are creating is...
My music is always about love. Some specific to events and some with affiliation and affinity. People listen and relate and this why I write with experience and empathy.

Right now we are...
I made a video for my last single easy life, a simple and straightforward video. Still trying to upload it on YouTube . I will appreciate it if everyone can check it out. My next single is the title of the album I am trying to put out. Please be on the look out for it.