Behind The Music With Charleesa on Things To Smile About

The songs chosen for my debut album are motivating, inspiring & empowering although I write about life experiences, love, relationships, world affairs and other things which are important to me.

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Band Name: Charleesa

Song name: Things to smile about

Music Genre:: Pop

This song is a happy song which reminds us to stop and think about all the good things there are in life that keep us smiling. Even though the weather may decline, we get out our brollies and shelter from the rain until we can dance in the streets again. That's what I've always believed. 

We have a saying which is ''stop and smell the flowers'' which is one of the key lines in the song I think we often forget to appreciate the simplest of the worlds pleasures these days being so caught up in our often crazy busy days and it just feels so good to smell a sweet scent of a beautiful rose, aromatherapy for the soul a gift from wonderful nature to cherish.

I had started to sing with my eyes closed and stayed that way because each time I opened them I felt overwhelmed and my voice trembled so much. So I sang the whole song not looking at my audience at all and when I stopped they all stood up clapping and cheering! It was amazing! 

Another great piece of advice I have received recently is to think of yourself as an artist and to know your worth. Don't underestimate or undersell yourself. The years of practice, the numerous hours of song creations & days sitting in front of your computer setting up media, marketing & promotion count for so much more than people would realize.

Your art can make you a living & in turn give you something valuable back for your talent worth more than money - peoples happiness! When you believe in yourself, your place in the universe and your mission there are no limits to where it can lead you; to other countries, to the highest of heights & into hearts.



Songwriter Charleesa from Vienna talks with Jacqueline Jax about preparing for an album for launch. Topics of discussion include finding your musical message and style so that you can identify the best audience for your music. We also spoke about targeting your audience prior to an album release. 



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