Behind The Music with Charleesa on Powerhouse

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Band Name: Charleesa (Pronounced Shar-leesa)

Song name: Powerhouse

Music Genre:: Pop, PowerPop, PositivePop, 70’s FunkyDiscoRetroStyle, EmpowermentMusic, Singer Songwriter

I live in... Vienna, Austria but I was born & raised in England.

I moved a lot in my youth, I was in America twice when I was 16 and again the following year, I travelled extensively mainly in Asia for many years; I also lived in Kent in the South of England for 10 years so moving to a new country was quite natural for me however not easy at first. 

On the plus sides, I have great friends and musical connections, I have learnt to speak German having no previous real knowledge of the language and I love the city; there’s so much to experience here it still feels like I’m a tourist but also like I'm home.

This song is about..
Powerhouse is a song about the force that we all have inside of us, our body is our house where we reside in this life; it encourages us the let the light shine out of our soul and radiate out into the world. 

It's the ideal song to play when you need a reminder of the star that you should know you are.  The words I sing to you are meant from my soul to yours, YOU are strong, YOU have heart; YOU are love.

My music is...
Powerful & Soulful - The music is created with that old 70's funky disco groovy feeling and is guaranteed to make you move.

This song represents my current direction because it empowering & motivating which is exactly my aim with this album, I want to inspire people to be who they are and let the light of their soul shine through. 

The big beats of the music show the new genre of pop music that I have embraced rather than the previous acoustic style with guitarists which was never really my intention; it just happened like that because of the people I met who could put the sound behind my vocal melodies of the songs I had composed. 

But don’t be fooled into thinking this is all that I’ve got because I am influenced by so many different artists and genres, each song is totally different & the next album will take you somewhere else entirely.

The best piece of musical advice I could ever have read somewhere was…

'Sing as though no-one can hear you.' I have been through a few different phases of self confidence with my musical performing and very often not been able to practice my own songs during the composition stage if I thought anyone would be able to hear me except my Mum who I always sang at home with. 

I used to wait until I knew I was alone before I could really let lose especially as sometimes when you are working out how you want to sing a certain part, you try things out and you make mistakes; at times even you cringe at the sound that comes out! How embarrassing to think that someone may have just heard that!

It sounds silly to even say it but it’s just how I felt for a very long time, occasionally I fall back in to that fear but these days I can more easily practice whoever is around; even if it’s my boyfriend which before was a definite no go!

 ‘We humans; we are all different but yet we are all from the same source, we feel, we dream and ultimately we want to be happy.’  I want to inspire people to show their light to the world, to motivate them to climb to the top of their mountain & to live their dreams.

I love creating music because it is what I am most passionate about, when I’m in my musical world or dancing I am the happiest I can be; so why not share that with everyone. 

I have always been one of those scattered creative types and a bit of a ‘Jill of all trades’ but composing & singing have been the one constant in my life; so I think that is my purpose here in this existence.

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