New Zealand Musicians Chris Barclays New Guitar Shredding Sing 'I’m On Fire'

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Chris Barclay is a Guitarist, Songwriter, and Singer from Auckland, New Zealand. His music styles crossover from Metal, Rock, Neo Classical, Progressive, Instrumental, Pop and Country Rock.

His quest for success is rooted in helping his fellow artists. He believes that when you are successful you are able to help others be successful. As a recording artist, a performer and a patron to guitar music, he is currently working on two new instrumental pieces due out this year.

Artist: Chris Barclay

New Release: New York (I'm On Fire)

Genre: Rock, Metal, Guitar Shred

Located in: : Auckland, New Zealand

”I would love to be a solo artist traveling the world and also be available to be a session guitar player for anyone who wants me to bring some zing in the studio or on stage. Both are my dreams. I carry a card in my pocket with a statement written on it to remind me of my dream. "I am so happy and grateful that I am a professional guitarist performing around the world making a million dollars every year." Pretty big dream.”

Technique wise I am influenced mostly by alternate pickers like Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Morse, and John Petrucci. Style wise today I enjoy the use of Modal approaches like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani with Neo-Classical touches here and there.

I am a guitarist in the vein of Steve Van, Joe Satriani, Richie Kotzen, and Yngwie Malmsteen. My heroes are all highly skilled on their instruments. My music is made up of both song and instrumental music-based Progressive, Rock, Metal, NeoClassical Country Rock and Pop.

I have immersed myself in the guitar technique and I strive to cater to audiences who appreciate that same world. We are the guitar players, the musicians, the rockers and rock anthem lovers.

New York (I'm On Fire) is a little departure from my other releases. It is a song written when I first visited New York City. I was blown away by the energy of the city and it seemed that it was indeed the center of the universe. NYC seemed to me to be the ultimate metaphor for success, chasing dreams and where anything seems possible. This is what the song is about.

Chasing dreams, getting noticed, and the fire inside to be part of all the energy in the USA which has fuelled my obsession with this country in my previous work. LA and NYC in particular. I have crammed into ‘New York (I’m On Fire)’ power chord melodic anthem choruses, Vai and Malmsteen inspired guitar solos, and the major hook arpeggio came to me when walking around Times Square, staring up into the sunshine in a hot June sky, it arrived in my consciousness.

I rushed back to my hotel then recorded it on my Mac Book and my Fender Stratocaster. I knew there was a song in this when I got back home to New Zealand. There is certainly a little tip of the hat to Slash and Guns and Roses Sweet Child of Mine in the guitar hook. I wrote two pieces of music from this visit, the other that became a neo-classical Instrumental ‘The Freedom Fire and Love Of America’

 ‘New York (I’m On Fire)’ shows my different facets as an artist, a guitarist, a musician, and a Songwriter. I have two sides to my coin. On one side I am a musician and instrumentalist and on the other side of the coin, I am a singer-songwriter.

Some of my releases demonstrate just my musical and guitar sensibilities. Some like ‘New York (I’m On Fire)’ let me express both songwriting and musician sensibilities. It can be tricky to do this in today's simple pentatonic based pop music.

Right now I am currently finishing two new progressive guitar instrumental pieces which I would love to have a sick band play with me live. My best guitar work at least recorded so far. I have fluked some cool stuff live which never sees the light of recording. Luckily I have fluked some pieces that did make it when the record button was on.

These two new tracks have the progression structures recorded and I am just putting the guitar layers over them. I am planning on coming to Anaheim, California for NAMM to hopefully demonstrate some musical equipment.

I am currently playing around some bars and cafes in Auckland playing acoustic and flamenco music with a loop pedal. I am busy using Social Media as best as I can as a tool to get a better foot into the music industry as both an artist and a session player. This is a time-consuming aspect which can be challenging for any artist who needs time to create alongside self-promotion.

I met Miles Copeland (The Police, Sting manager) through a Steve Vai Academy and he impressed on me the need to “exist” in the market place.



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