New Country Release from Chris Stephen "Home"

Artist: Chris Stephen

New Release: Home

Genre: Country

Located in: Knoxville, TN

This song is...
People describe me vocally as a mix of Chris Young, Josh Turner and Zac Brown rolled into one, with a touch of Johnny Cash. I like that because Josh Turner and Johnny Cash are 2 of my all time favorite Country Artists. And maybe surprisingly, CCR has an influence on my style.

I wrote this song during a recent period in my life where you realize sometimes you don't know what you've got until it's gone. I think any fan of Country Music will connect with the imagery and about any fan of music will connect with the message.

The music we are creating is...
I write music from my heart... about real feelings, about real experiences. I don't see myself as a writer who turns out endless songs and songs without substance "just because". I'm like that as an artist/singer too. I do some covers of other artists stuff that I like but, if I can't "feel" it, I might as well stay at home.

I enjoy writing with others too but, not just anyone. They have to write real, write genuine too. In fact, I co-wrote an awesome tune just a couple months back with a couple of Nashville writing buddies that we think will be picked up by a bigger artist but, a part of me hope it doesn't so I can cut it on my next EP.

Right now we are..
I'm excited about 2019! I went through some changes the middle of this year that has allowed me to get out and gig more and, WOW! Every time I play out it seems like I get asked by someone at the show "hey can you come play our Festival?"

I love that, It means I'm connecting with folks, not just in a business way but, really connecting in that they love my music and see that the audience and fans are getting into as well. I'm also excited about the Music Video for Home. We just finished filming & it should be out in late November.

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