Behind The Music With Chris Wright

I've always envied country music artists because they talk about so many different subjects and are allowed to, so in my career, my kind of secret mission statement is to be a R&B artist but operate like a country one.



Band Name: Chris Wright

Song name:  Perfect (I.G. Cinderella)

Music Genre:: R&B/Soul

The song "Perfect (I.G. Cinderella)" was the last song recorded for the "Better Side" EP, but it has a deep meaning for me, that's why its the first track on the EP. Its main goal is ask the question, "What is Perfect?"

My character, speaking in the song, is basically conveying to the girl ( Instagram Cinderella), who covers up her imperfections through her addiction to social media posts, that her addiction has blinded her to the reality of herself and others. She cannot tell what a good relationship looks like because of her total immersion into the world of social media; she has built her life on false reality or social media fantasy like many have in today's society.

This release represents my current direction because it represents who I really am. I'm interested in creating "Life Music" in that I'm interested in covering the whole gamut of the life experience. On my EP, I talk about love, loss, and faith, all basic tenets of the human experience. 

Interview Notes:
Songwriter Chris Wright talks with host Jacqueline Jax about making music that gives back to people. How to find your true self and stay focused on bringing that to the audience. They also talk about expanding a music brand and how to monetize your business by working with fashion on social media. 


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