Behind The Music with Ciinco on Lemonade

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Ciinco Debuts New Hip Hop Single ‘Lemonade’ on Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax

Los Angeles HipHop creator Ciinco5 speaks with host Jacqueline Jax about his new single ‘Lemonade’ which is kicks off his fresh EP. They also discuss a multi-track release schedule for consistent creators who have access to studio time. 


Person Interviewing: Branden McCullough AKA Ciinco

Song name: Lemonade

Music Genre:: Hip Hop

I live in... Los Angeles, California

Link to play:


Plays: 36,519

This song is an anthem to do whatever you gotta do to be yourself. Avoiding any negative energy around you is crucial for an artist to stay in that inspired space. I also believe in living and letting yourself have fun. It's good to live a little.

I would say my music is for listeners who want to free their minds and also go crazy making great memories. That is what I inspire to do whenever I create a song.

The music...

The cool thing about 'Lemonade' was that it was so organized even when I first heard the track and honestly, I didn't know what to expect from the song I just knew that I loved it. I knew no matter what that was my song. I got the beat then got together with my Cousin, an artist (Louie100) and we just went to work on it.

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What most inspires you?

I create music just solely by feeling inspired. The music I am creating is lyrically honest. You'll hear stories told from my perspective, my friend's perspectives, and also that of loved ones. All things of that nature. I saw that early on when I first started, my favorite instrument would be a tie between the piano and the drums. I can never really choose between them so you'll hear each fairly prominent in the music I create.

How do you feel about being a musician today?

"All that shit you stressin' trying to figure out why you been missin'. You can get lost in this game or you could maintain these lessons.. stay on your profession." - Ciinco

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