Mr. All The Way Defines todays hip hop culture 'Clout Chaser'

Clout Chaser the mr all the way.png

Artist: Mr. All The Way

New Release: Clout Chaser

Genre: HipHop

Located in:  Chicago IL

My music brand is focused on non-explicit material and hard hitting at the same time. I want to point out that you can create powerful hard-hitting lyrics without profanity.

Some of my musical influences are Scarface, Ice Cube, Jay Z, Beanie Siegel, and Nas.

The song is basically about people who are willing to do anything for fame. Even discredit or try to shame another person for there own self-gain.

This song is definitely impactful in this day and time as these last few years, there’s been a lot of clout chasing going on. It's at an extreme high. I mean it’s always been happening, but lately, it’s been ridiculous, even to the point where people are getting hurt.

This release is important to my music direction because it defines the state of, not only the hiphop culture at the moment but the way the world seems to be with everyone doing anything and everything for fame.

I also am very thankful for my producers on the “It’s Not Complicated” project, deereese Beats, E.L.F on the beat, MSTACKS, MonstaUk, and Purp. I have come a long way, and have had a lot of trials and tribulations and this single “Clout Chaser “off my album is just the opener to great things to come. I’m bringing back that raw, gritty, and truth back to the game.

I’m most excited about the feedback I’m getting off my single release, and actually completing my project. Also, I’m very excited for the masses to hear what I have to bring to the table.

Plus I know when more money comes in that will be a way to Increase funds for my special cause “operation homefront” for our veterans and military families. I currently have an audio visualizer for the single but I do plan on shooting a video soon for the single. I don’t have a tour set up at the moment, and I’m not on tour now. I don’t have a big performance next month, but I will be volunteering at the crown point veterans hospital next month. My album “It’s Not Complicated” is complete and any other song I record next will be for my second future project.

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