Collins & Streiss reaches out to a mobile audience with Freedom's Captive


Artist: Collins & Streiss

New Release: Freedom's Captive

Genre: Rock, Commercial Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Located in: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

"Freedom's Captive" is about our growing addiction to our devices, whether it's cell phones, computers, tablets, social media and so on, and this obsession and need for acquiring followers and likes in today's web of virtual existence. It's a compounding obsession in a lot of cases where we have all this freedom and ability to exist and do what we want virtually now, but at the same time are becoming captives to it!

This song involves a few other players and has more of an overall band feel to it. We are using our regular drummer (Davide DiRenzo) and have brought back our bassist (David Dawe) from one of our earliest tracks "Saturday Night" that he played on, and have a new member in our working group (Rob Vendrasco) playing lead guitar.

The song is upbeat, edgy and energetic and full of catchy melodies and hooks which is common in our music. It's derivative of our rock roots which has a broad range of artists and rich heritage.

Why is music important to you?

Music and creation are an important outlet for us. We try to observe and put into words and music what we see and experience in our lives on a natural and human level whether it's about love and relationships, political, world issues or even imaginary. Each song takes on its own shape and evolves on its own, from lyrics to arrangement, and is creating a repertoire that is becoming more diverse as we move forward.

We do have a lyric video for this song but have no plans for a full visual video. We hope that people will listen to music and not be distracted by the visual. There are no plans to tour at the moment. There is new material in the works, also a small 2 song EP which contains 2 songs (previously unreleased) from projects that we did together before we became Collins & Streiss.

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