New Single from Collins and Streiss 'Change'

Collins and Streiss NEW MUSIC MONDAY Rock Mania.png

Artist: Collins and Streiss

New Release: Change

Genre: Rock, Folk Rock

Located in: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

This song is...
Collins and Streiss are an eclectic duo, writing music in a variety of genres, but overall falling under the umbrella of Rock. The latest single "Change" is a Rock track with a touch of Acoustic Country elements and energy. It's a song about making changes in ones life by starting off small on a personal level and looking at the world and how one can make a difference overall.

The music we are creating is...
This release is another in a growing catalogue of songs of different styles and life topics.

Right now we are...
At the moment, a video is in the works for this song and we continue to work on new material as we work towards the completion of an album with all of our songs so far.