New Single Concerned Realists M&M's ft Bec Stevens by idly by

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Lyrically weaving through the difficult terrain of maintaining meaningful human connection and keeping one's self afloat, this sonically bouncy track, much like the rest of the album, takes a journey through some darker places. At a glance, idly by are making some high energy, fun, and catchy punk rock. On closer inspection, there are stories to be heard in the lyrics of personal struggle and deep dissatisfaction with the status quo.

Artist: idly by

New Release: Concerned Realists Vs M&M's ft. Bec Stevens

Genre: Punk Rock, Indie

Located in:  Adelaide, Australia

The band hopes that “throwing a saddle on these dark and personal themes might help people find a commonality in their struggles and broaden the platform from which people can speak openly about their issues”.

This deeply personal album has been a stepping stone. After such intensive introspection, the band is now looking outward and creating music to help inspire the human race to stop being such mindless twats hell-bent on fueling their extinction and causing the collateral damage associated with this selfish, consumptive path we are on.

yRight now we are set your phasers to party because idly by are climbing aboard Lil' blue Betsy and rolling into your town with all the swagger they can muster from the inside of a hatchback.

Their dark lyrical overtones are something you’ll have to mull over in your own time because their live show is a vivaciously eruptive spectacle and you’ll need all your faculties for dancing.

They’ve hand selected supports around the country and look forward to being a guest in your scene. Check out @idlyby on FB and insta for their Australian tour dates - announcements coming soon - Album available NOW on all major streaming services and