New Release from Underground Rapper ConsciouslyNappy 'Attack The City'

ConsciouslyNappy avaliveradio.png

Band Name: Consciously Nappy
New Single: Attack The City
Genre : Hip Hop / Underground Rap

ConsciouslyNappy (JC Belfi) has been writing, producing, sampling, and composing his music since February of 2018.

He is known for his instrumental transitions in sole songs, wide array of SFX used in relation to wordplay, and focus on verse content differentiation. His song "AttackTheCity" has three instrumental changes, eerie 808's, dark bass tones, and intense high hats. His lyricism refers to 50 Cent's shooting, sole responsibility to a city, forgiveness, standing up for the betterment of a single individual, and the regret of discovery that creativity comes to an end when finances become too involved as a message.

There is also mention of anxious bargains, a Family Guy character, Lil Rascals, and African terrorist, Kony. Overall this song questions the purpose of Nappy's presence but amplifies the necessity for him to break out in the rap scene with his new artistry.

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  • homerikofficialI like the artwork!

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  • ysoproductionz_Let’s work,Dm Us 📥💯

  • avaliveradio@homerikofficial Interesting right. I wonder what it is?

  • avaliveradio@ysoproductionz_ Nice. I will. Good stuff I hope.

  • officialmr5pI really hope atleast 1 person sees this comment. I‘m a 24 yr old Artist from Arizona & would love if you could simply like this comment , so people who might be intersted can see this comment 🤞🏼🖤 Thank you & Bless you 👏🏼‼️

  • manny_cdsmgNew music in my bio💔 be sure to check it out & leave some love🥀 straight outta Arizona💥 don’t sleep

  • avaliveradio@jcbelfi that's cool. What's the symbol?

  • hanna_voxLove this!!

  • avaliveradio@hanna_vox I agree. I’ve listen to it all the way through about 6 times. It took those extra times to really hear everything by then the “Brick” made an impression. It’s a strong song and perfect for a drama film production about he coming up of a struggling youth.

  • jcbelfi@avaliveradio its a skull

  • thekristinmouraI like the instrumentation.. makes it unique

  • avaliveradio@thekristinmoura truly does. His passion also comes out well in the vocal and expression. It’s hard to hear everything on this short clip but the beginning starts with lyrics that are very powerful. The entire song warrants an intensional listen.

  • willinthehallI think the production really made this track

  • avaliveradio@willinthehall that’s a good perspective. Listening to the whole song it surely was an undertaking. He’s done a terrific job on the message and making the song significant.