Behind The Music with ConSysTnt Creations on In Another Life

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Band Name: ConSysTnt Creations
Composer/Producer/Engineer - Brandon Barbee A.K.A. Consystnt
Song name: In Another Life

I am able to touch the hearts of many, and if only for a moment, give someone that one gleaming light they may have needed at that moment to be inspired to push through whatever the obstacle may be.

It is a very ironic story behind this song. I dedicate this song to my late grandmother and aunt. I struggled to name this song, as I couldn't think of any other title than the one it has. For as much pain and emotion, there is in this song there is an equal balance of joy and reflection.

Coincidentally, after the composition phase was complete; I lost my grandmother. Two weeks following; I lost my aunt. Three weeks following that, I announced my own divorce. Three deaths within six weeks. I am deeply wounded by it all, but I remain standing strong. This song should be viewed as one that faces all realities of life in a single glance.

My music is very calculated and meticulous. The main concept of my music is to capture a particular emotion or a group of emotions. Between the Harmonics and octaves, I manipulate and change the original concept of each instrument. My music is that of a genre I feel does not yet exist. Though it is very similar to some established genres, it still stands in a class of its own.

This release is very symbolic to my transition in life (currently), and evolutionary within my growth as an engineer, and as a man. This release encourages you to continue to strive and be resilient to no-end. There is always beauty to be found even when you have low-visibility; Clouded by drama and other 'negative influences'. This song represents many struggles-overcome and the beginning triumph of beginning the healing process.

The piece of music advice that changed my way of thinking came from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences! The moment I was introduced to what "Signal Flow" is; My life in music changed forever! Not only for the obvious reasons of production and mixing, but also in the better understanding of the music industry as a whole. The similarities of how many paths (and possible paths) you can take, there are many 'points' you must complete in order to get to the 'goal'.

"The Music Business"- Is a very complex, and ever-changing industry; Be ambidextrous and adaptive in your approach "Being a musician today"- Is much more flexible because of technology-capitalize on the advantage! I love to create music because it is my personal outlet for expressing any emotion I feel at any given time in my life. 



Facing all realities of life in a single glance, ConsysTnt Creations speaks with host Jacqueline Jax about losing family members and how he came through the hardest moment of his life. How life tests you and forces you to make choices. The choices you make are chances to show your strength so don't miss them. We also talked about how artists should be looking at their careers moving forward this next stretch in todays digital media era. 

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