New Release from ConSysTnt Creations 'In Another Life'

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Band Name: ConSysTnt Creations

Name of song: In Another Life

Genre  : Hybrid (Cinematic Hip-Hop/Pop)

This new release offers a combination of layers from different inspirational ideas I've been imagining. The energy is impactful and the flow hypnotic. If you close your eyes and let the music surround you, it will change your mood and perspective. It fills a room with positive vibrations and energy. 



Since the last time hearing from me. Many advancements made in career and projects. Had a few 'bumps' in the road, and I have moved forward. No longer just a 'hobby', music is becoming more of a profession and one of the many hats I wear.

As of now, Network Systems Administrator/ Audio Engineer, I have a greater understanding of the aspects I am humbly making attempts at.

I want to change our perspectives of music, see music as a hybrid element instead of boxed categories. To mold genres and bringing about a wider appeal, is the goal I've set in my journey to "the top"!

Social media…
Twitter: @consystnt

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