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Todays show is all about Country goodness and singer songwriters who are producing music that is meant to move and inspire you.

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Artist: Jessica Meuse

New Release: Thank God It Didn't Work

Genre: Country

Located in: Montgomery, Alabama

This song is..
"Thank God It Didn’t Work" is easily relatable to folks everywhere who have been faced with challenges in their life and then looked back later grateful that they didn’t work out. Initially, I auditioned for The Voice, but not one of the judges turned around. I was crushed. But, had I known that less than a year later I’d make Top 4 on American Idol, I wouldn’t have worried so much about it!

The music we are creating is "Thank God It Didn't Work" and my 'Halfhearted" album are all original songs that I wrote mostly after my time on American Idol.

Right now we are...
My new album, "Halfhearted," has just been released. It's been a Top 10 Country Album on iTunes and has received over 2.5 million song streams. Check it out!


Artist: RedneckRoughneck

New Release: What You Mean To Me

Genre: Country

I am a from Alberta, Canada where my pursuit of music began just over a year ago. I have been told for many years that I should pursue music but finally decided to take the chance and audition for The Voice in Austin Texas. After returning home I did not let the rejection stop me and continued on building a small fanbase.

My very first song “What you mean to me” was written thinking about my girlfriend. I have been working awaay from home for 12 years missing many different holidays and special moments. My first single is about the hardships and sacrifices made to make my families life more than I ever had.

I love to create music because, Music can and does change the direction of a persons life one verse at a time. Music has taught me that through tough times, music will always be there to inspire.



Artist: Chris Stephen

New Release: Home

Genre: Country

Located in: : Knoxville, TN

People describe me vocally as a mix of Chris Young, Josh Turner and Zac Brown rolled into one, with a touch of Johnny Cash. I like that because Josh Turner and Johnny Cash are 2 of my all time favorite Country Artists. And maybe surprisingly, CCR has an influence on my style. I wrote this song during a recent period in my life where you realize sometimes you don't know what you've got until it's gone. I think any fan of Country Music will connect with the imagery and about any fan of music will connect with the message.

I'm excited about 2019! I went through some changes the middle of this year that has allowed me to get out and gig more and, WOW! I'm also excited about the Music Video for Home. We just finished filming & it should be out in late November.

Twitter @ChrisStephen_
Instagram @ChrisStephen_Music


Artist: Tiona Campbell
New Release: Southern Girl

Genre: Christian Country

Located in: Houston, TX

This song is... " Southern Girl" is based on the prodigal son story in the bible but in my musical story she is the Southern Girl. We have all gotten lost in life trying to find our way,trying to find who we are, and trying to figure out our journey in life. My song is to encourage you and remind you that God is the answer to all of that. He left the porch light on until you find your way home to him.

The music we are creating is... : My music is intentional lyrics that tell a musical story that will encourage you, inspire you and give you hope.

Right now we are...: My new EP will be out before the HOLIDAYS !!! Four new songs on this EP.

LINKS: Website:

Darin Jellison Warm White Light AVA LIVE RADIO NEW MUSIC MONDAY.png

Artist: Darin Jellison

New Release: Warm White Light

Genre: Singer-songwriter pop rock

Located in: Coopersburg, Pennsylvania USA

This song is...
Inspired by the coming holiday season. It’s a Christmas song, but not overtly so, filled with the hope and comfort of the season. Primarily acoustic piano and guitar.

Right now we are...
Planning a video to go along with this single, looking for opportunities for cross-promotion with other artists, and looking forward to a livestream show on “Rocking The Valley” on Facebook on 11/28.

Twitter: @jellibones
Facebook page:
Instagram: @darinjellisonmusic

Arthur Rivers AVA LIVE RADIO Songwriters.png

Artist: Arthur Rivers

New Release: All I Ever Cared About

Genre: Indie - Folk , Singer-Songwriter

Located in: Switzerland , Zürich

All I Ever Cared About‘ takes you on my personal journey through love found and love lost. This is a raw and honest reflection of the darker side of love. I am a Musician and soulful Singer/Songwriter. Drawing inspiration from my own life experiences as well as influences such as Shakey Graves and Mat McHugh. I hope that my music helps others to break free from their own barriers and be who they want to be.

This is an important release for me because…
this song is a part of my album ' Beyond Sunsets and Rainbows'. Over the last 5 Years, I wrote it with love, shaped it with passion and designed it with patience. This Album grew with the years, by my experiences and the people I've met on my life journey.

Right now we are...
Right now I am excited about my New Album ' Beyond Sunsets and Rainbows'. Planning my upcoming Music Video for my next Single 'Not Anymore'. But also working on a couple of new tracks for future projects.



New Release: It's a country song

Genre: Country

Located in: : Burleson, Texas

This song is...
Stating the obvious a country song that speaks about coming together as a nation during difficult times. You may hear musical influences like Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard and Hank Williams. You'll get your groove on with this country tune!

Right now we are..
Focusing on more live show and events. A big push to reach more country fans and connect with music lovers all over the world. Yes more songs to come as they are in the process of being developed.


Artist: James Lee Baker

New Release: Disappear for the Weekend

Genre: Country, Americana

Located in: Denver, Colorado

The music we are creating is...
This release is a fusion of my passions in Country, Americana, and Folk music. The hope was to write and release relatable songs that have good hooks.

Right now we are...
Right now we are focusing on PR, marketing, and writing for the next project that will start recording in January 2019.


Mike Contoni AVA LIVE RADIO songwriter gold.png

Artist: Mike Contoni
New Release: She Always

Genre: Country/Southern Rock

Located in: : USA

This song is...
I wrote this Country and Southern Rock style for the Beautiful Woman in my life! She is awesome and She Always supports me and understands me like no one else and I thank my lucky stars! I almost titled the song Lucky Stars. The music that influenced me growing up was Country, Southern Rock and classical rock! Love it all.

The music we are creating is..
I love writing music. I do still play live but smaller venues and a lot less these days as I'm enjoying retirement and living in the country. But I play almost every day and I'm still writing new songs. I'll do that until I die.

Right now we are..
I just released four new songs that are available on ReverbNation and plan to have my third album completed next year in the spring.

LINKS: ReverbNation:

Jessica Falk.jpg

Artist: Jessica Falk

New Release: Ready To Fly

Genre: Pop/Rock/Country

The single which was recorded at Addiction Studios in Nashville with her long time producer Scott Baggett. The studio is owned by Jonathan Cain from the rock group Journey. “Ready To Fly” was written by Jessica along with David Kalmusky (Journey, Keith Urban and Neil Schon) and Scott Baggett (Alison Krauss, John Waite, Bonnie Raitt and others).

”All my songs have a true story behind them. I want my music to be honest and for it to be something that everyone can relate to. I hope people can find hope, strength and love through my lyrics and music. I want to help people to believe in themselves. Find the courage to follow their hearts and live their lives. I believe that when words fail, music speaks.”





Artist: Kelli Brogan
New Release: THE WOMAN I WAS

Genre: POP Rock

Located in: : Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
My music brand is classy, elegant, honest and authentic. THE WOMAN I WAS is a story of rebirth, throwing caution to the wind and reinventing yourself. Audiences will love this easy-listening tale of taking control with no regrets. It is significant to me as it tells the tale of my life at the moment. I am moving into a new chapter of my life, during which I have had to learn who I truly am and what I really want. I’ve had to learn to take control of the direction in which I’m going moving forward. This is not an easy thing to do, but worthwhile and rewarding.

Right now is an exciting time, I’ve just released my EP that showcases the direction my music is taking. The songs are powerful, inspiring and current. The first single, IF THIS IS ALL THERE IS, which also has a music video on YouTube, received an extremely positive response from the public.

LINKS: Spotify - spotify:artist:439ZmkJyXSm1l0CKKE3Uyx
Twitter -
Facebook - Brogan
Instagram -

Artist: Erick Burdette

New Release: Hold On

Genre: Rock

Located in: : Los Angeles, CA

 "Hold On" is from the yet to be released CD "Wake Up!" Hold On is about not giving up, it's about hanging in there and not being discouraged no matter how bad your situation may be. I play all instruments, lead and background vocals, bass, guitar and a drum machine. I play many styles of music and played with a ton of bands back in the day including "Reeves Nevo & The Cinch" from the movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont Hight" the brother with the afro.

The music we are creating is...
This release shows where my heart is, how i feel about life today and the search for answers.

Right now we are...
I will be one of 5 bands that will perform for my daughters photo exhibition Feburary 2 for SOVO Magazine. I'm finishing up my CD called "Wake Up!" and I'm looking for an agent to book show for me for the near future.



Artist: Rosemarie DeHerrera
New Release: Let the Stranger In

Genre: Country

This is a pop country song with an enticing, mysterious sound.  A very beautiful, different feel and reminds me somewhat of the same style as Garth Brook's song,  "Let The Thunder Roar."  My song uses chimes in the begining and a long drawn out guitar sound to almost sound like the wind.  There's nothing like it that's been done before and was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee!!!!!

This song is important to my music direction because its pop country but has a new style and tells a different story in a unique way with an eerie and  melodic sound.  The hook, repeated over and over, stays in your brain and you can hum it back.  It gets you thinking about new and exciting possibilities and passion.

Right now I am most excited about being asked by the Director of the Wilson County Fairgrounds, Quinton, in TN to perform at a big Summer Corporate event.  A band will be flown in from Texas, with me being the opening act for possibly Charley Daniels.  The fairgrounds is in Lebanon Tennessee, where he resides!!

Website & social media links

BK Gray  AVA LIVE RADIO songwriter.png

Artist: BK Gray

New Release: Me And You

Genre: Southern rock

I grew up with parents that were both country musicians, I like country but I also love rock. So my original music is usually a combination of both. What ever you want to call it, country southern rock or outlaw country most of my songs fit into one of those categories.

Have been in the music industry pretty much my whole life,have had a lot of ups and downs which I think is pretty normal for the industry. All I ever really wanted was to be a songwriter.

l learned to sing,play guitar, drums, piano I people could hear the songs I’ve written. Lately I have really got into recording, mixing and mastering, still have a lot to learn but music is and always will be my passion.



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