Cris Cray is working to bring a 'Spiritual' level back to Urban Hip Hop

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Artist: Cris Cray
New Release: Spiritual
Genre: Urban/Hip-Hop

Are you living your life with peace, positivity, and love?
Cris Cray, Spiritual was written in remembrance to Lil' Peep, xxxtentacion, and all the youth who passed away too young. Cris Cray wants us all to remember to embrace your life with all the positivity you should be embracing each day. 

I love what I do but the music business is..
watered down and flooded with trash music. Today's hiphop is still too focused on the  promotion of drugs and violence. when what we really need is now people promoting peace and togetherness. Where is the peace, positivity, and love at?

Maybe if we try, we can be the kind of change we want to see in this world. 


Being an Independent musician is...
harder than you think because people aren't as willing to support or make the connections with the artist. Social media is great but it's difficult for a young artist to get a good message out. I rap about the positive and how it can make a difference like it used to be back in the day. I cherish those values and I'm always hopeful that if I keep telling my story my way, the message will reach the right people.

Why I Love To Create Music:
I love to create music for happiness and the performances. The joy I get seeing my fans connect to my music while I perform is unmatched by anything else. It's a blessing. 


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