New Release from Cult Fantastic 'Screens'

Cult Fantastic.png

Band Name: Cult Fantastic

Name of song: Screens

Genre : Rock/Indie/Alternative
Enter the mind of Cult Fantastic and immerse yourself in a satirical world gone mad where emojis come alive, people turn into robots, and werewolves befriend suburban children. Through comedic paranoia and odd imagery, Cult Fantastic’s songs and videos dig into the underpinnings of society to uncover a labyrinth of paradoxes. Intrigued by the absurdities of modern life, Cult writes lyrics confronting the narcissism epidemic, runaway consumerism, voyeuristic violence, and more. In his debut single "Screens", Cult Fantastic satirizes society's relationship with technology, serving up a dish of thought-provoking humor that bites back the more you chew on it.