Behind The Music with Cult Fantastic on Need That Rush

Band Name: Cult Fantastic
Song name: Need That Rush
Genre: Rock
I live in... Los Angeles

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On a literal level, ‘Need That Rush’ portrays a sociopath fantasizing about carrying out an act of mass violence to become infamous. We see the media, fame, and Hollywood through his warped sense of reality, and by the end of the song we don’t know what he imagined and what was actually real. But what we do know for sure is that he ‘needs that rush’ for violence like an addict craves a drug.

For me, what’s more important than the song’s narrative is the metaphor of our society’s very real bloodlust, and specifically our culture’s craving for voyeuristic violence. Many of us today are asking when the mass shootings will stop, when the gun debate will reach a middle ground, when the mentally ill will get the support they need, and then in the very next instant we swipe, scroll, and click on the next piece of violent content to get our ‘rush’.

Maybe this is a symptom of a sickness our culture’s suffering from. Maybe it’s society that ‘needs that rush’ of violence. And maybe the character in this song is more of a symbol for what our culture is becoming with each new tragedy. It’s a confrontational, painful look at what can happen when we feed some of humanity’s worst traits and impulses. And when we mute the noise of modern life for a moment to take a step outside of it all and reflect, it’s clear we’ve reached a critical mass as a collective in which our addictions to violence, technology, and instant gratification have created a horrifying reality that’s so commonplace it’s almost easy to dismiss.

I wrote this song because I know we can make different choices in our day-to-day-lives, and that those choices really do add up and create positive change. We deserve better, our children deserve better, and we can be better by modeling positive choices which can ultimately turn the tide.

My music...
I don’t write songs so much as I make statements. A song should mean something, it should speak to the audience about something that matters. And the audience should feel something powerful, something that’s visceral. That feeling might be simple, primal. Like get your ass up and dance. Or it could be more complex, as in “Need That Rush”. Music is the language of emotion, and our emotions are the most intense aspects of this experience we call living. So I strive to make a lasting connection with the audience in their hearts and minds, of course, but more than anything, I aim for the gut, because it’s in the gut that we continue feeling something long after the last verse ends.

Through our technology...
we are more connected than ever before in human history. But paradoxically, we are also more isolated and alienated from each other and ourselves. We can see the horrific repercussions of this all around us—an epidemic of violence, runaway consumerism, rampant narcissism. If you’re not deeply troubled by what’s happening in our world today, you’re not paying close enough attention. And yet, we are also seeing a more socially conscious, environmentally aware, compassionate side of humanity that’s stronger than ever before in history.

Every natural disaster and mass shooting is responded to by unflinching selflessness from multitudes of people working towards positive change. For me as an artist, positive change involves first acknowledging society’s dark underpinnings. We have to accept reality in order to move forward, especially if that reality is uncomfortable and unpleasant. Songs like “Need That Rush”, “Screens”, and “Hello Tomorrow” are reminders of what is and warnings of what’s to come if we choose to hide from reality and pretend our problems don’t exist.

Best Advise...
Elizabeth Borton de Treviño wrote “Art should be truth”. Truth is beauty and love; but it is also ugly, repulsive, and terrifying. An artist leans into the truth when others run in the opposite direction. And ultimately, it is art that shows us our own reflections, even if we don’t recognize ourselves because we’ve spent too long repressing our truths. So with this in mind, I aim to create art through my music, complete with the beauty, the horror, and everything between.

I think if music is in your blood, you create it not because you love to, but because you have to. You can’t exist without it. Without music, I’m not myself anymore and quickly fall apart. Music is my haven. When I’m in that creative space, time disappears and I feel at peace, like I’m truly one with the universe. There are few experiences in life that are comparable for me. Some people call these peak experiences. With music, you can have a peak experience any time you pick up your instrument.

You can be fully immersed in the moment, and everything else melts away. You can ‘be here now’. And with the constant barrage of noise demanding our attention in today’s world, we need that more than ever. I believe everyone has something special that speaks to them like this, a haven of inner peace if you will. It may not be music, and some may not have found theirs yet, but I believe we all have something that puts us in touch with what’s bigger than us, with what we are all a part of. Maybe this is a way to affect positive change. To find our havens of inner peace and simply ’be here now’.



Cult comes on the show to talk with Jacqueline Jax about a very controversial video he just created that takes huge risks. He has created a fantasy world that visually grabs the attention of the viewer and makes you think. He’s been really risky here and told a tough story about a reality that exists in our world today. We also discussed how social media has both tied us together also broken us apart.

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avaliveradio: He has created a fantasy world that visually grabs the attention of the viewer and makes you think. He’s been really risky here and told a tough story about a reality that exists in our world today.

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