Cwiredband Newest Release Angel Circuit Engaged

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Artist: Cwiredband

New Release: Angel Circuit Engaged

Genre: Resurrection Rock

Located in: : Berkeley Springs, WV - Nashville, TN

This song is...
Angel Circuit Engaged was one of the first songs C Wired wrote. It’s a call to all to engage our Higher Selves our Angelic Circuitry. It’s very much needed now as we find ourselves challenged by lower energy forces that are in control of and are making our planet uninhabitable. We can change our world together by holding a shared vision of Peace and Abundance for ALL. Warm feedback slithers through our speakers and takes hold of our attention as we enter the title track of Cwiredband’s new record Angel Circuit Engaged, their follow up to their much-buzzed Omega EP also released last year. Before long, that feedback is harnessed and transformed into a scorcher of a melody produced by a feverish lead guitar and punctuated with the pummeling of a massive drum kit” – Don McCloskey – Gas House Radio

The music we are creating is...
Resurrection Rock. The term came from one of the reviewers of our music. When something is resurrected it still retains common themes from the previous form but has morphed into something different.
C Wired’s Spiritual advisor implanted a seed idea inside him to create “Genre less music”. What Cwiredband is all 

My musical influences include Alanis Morrisette, Dire Straits, Doobie Brothers, The Doors, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Paul Simon, Radiohead, Santana, Yes

Angel Circuit Engaged is the formation of the Cwiredband. Addison Smith is C Wired’s wingman who produces records and smokes the guitars. He is very much responsible for the sound. It’s a joint effort. C write the lyrics, melodies, licks, and grooves and Addison just takes them and runs with it. Daniel Kelly the band’s drummer comes from a highly accomplished jazz background. His different percussive approach applied to C’s writing is also what gives us our unique flavor. He’s a little like Keith Moon with his off-center approach to what would be considered traditional pocket rockers.

Andrew Renner on Bass is very tasteful. He is an amazing progressive jazz guitarist who fortunately decided he wanted to play bass with Cwiredband. Gary Pigg is the consummate Nashville professional who has worked with Neil Young among others. He arranges all the back-up vocals. Cwiredband uses the same vocal personnel on all its tracks. They are Angelic and are the icing on the cake to many of the songs.

Right now we are...
Working on our next EP. C Wired has more than enough material to record a full-length album, but both he and producer Addison Smith are really comfortable with more frequent releasees every 3-6 months utilizing the 6 song EP format. It’s more in tune with the way we consume and listen to music today anyways. Most people are not taking the time to listen to an entire album. They select the one or two songs they like and add them to their playlist. Working on getting booked for European and US based tours, festivals, etc.