New Single Climb the Mountain just launched form Cwiredband

Cwiredband climb the mountain.png

Artist: Cwiredband

New Release: Climb the Mountain

Genre: Resurrection Rock

Located in: Berkeley Springs, WV - Nashville, TN

This song is...
about Spiritual Growth and Ascension. Where are all here to transform from our egoic me centered self (our Dragon) into an awareness of Unity and Relationship. It’s a journey. The song is somewhat epic in nature. Sonically we feel the writing, lyrics, and arrangements fits the life long process of always becoming more aware of our true selves and our true identities. It’s a trek that leads us to an understanding of just how magnificent we all are.

The music we are creating is...
We call it Resurrection Rock. The term came from one of the reviewers of our music. When something is resurrected it still retains common themes from the previous form but has morphed into something different.
C Wired’s Spiritual advisor implanted a seed idea inside him to create “Genre less music”. What Cwiredband is all about is a re-configuration of traditional modes of music, elements of rock, country, and jazz into a unique blend. The newness of the sound comes from classically rock written material performed with modern instrumentation and sound techniques. The lyrics are scribed by C Wired. They come through him. All of the songs are based on his direct experiences with alternative relationships, Spiritual growth, overcoming addictions, etc.

Right now we are...
Working on our next EP. C Wired has more than enough material to record a full-length album, but both he and producer Addison Smith are really comfortable with more frequent releasees every 3-6 months utilizing the 6 song EP format. It’s more in tune with the way we consume and listen to music today anyways. Most people are not taking the time to listen to an entire album. They select the one or two songs they like and add them to their playlist. Working on getting booked for European and US based tours, festivals, etc.