New Hip Hop Single from D The Lyricist 'Remember Me ft. Choze'

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Since I was a child, I found the best way to express myself was through music. I dont remember a time in my life where i wasnt writing or working on my craft.

Artist: D The Lyricist
New Release: Remember Me ft. Choze

Genre: Hip-Hop, R&B

Devon Shaw AKA D The Lyricist is a Rapper/promoter/producer born and raised in Alaska. Founding Member of the local rap group UTN who released 3 albums between '07 and 2010. Recently he has been working on his solo project "King Of The Valley" featuring production from Murder Monkey Music, DCiduous of Atmosphere 6, Duceplaya Music at Ice Cold Studios, and co-produced by Ghost (Ulikeitiloveit). The Album is set to release October 21st. His single "Remember Me ft. Choze" produced by DCiduous of Atmosphere 6 is currently out now and available anywhere music is sold online.

My first major musical influence came from my mother, she introduced me to "Motown" and i fell in love with groups like "The Temptations" and "The Commodores". Alaska has never had a very thriving music scene, so starting off, artists like myself had to constantly break new ground virtually creating the scene from the ground up. The music business is particularly difficult up here due to the lack of media but it has never stopped us from pushing forward.




William George Smith I thought the song was pretty good. The hook was the best thing about. It was catchy, and had meaning to it. The 1st verse was too hurried, but the 2nd verse fit more with the beat, and flow of the song. I thought it was good though. 👍🏾