Why 'Dancing Shoes' from Cabela and Schmitt won't let you down

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We all intellectually know that life is too short but let’s face it, it’s not always easy to really live as if our time here is super limited. ‘Dancing Shoes’ is about the free going spirit you get when you're stomping your feet and dancing to the beat.

Band Name: Cabela and Schmitt (Rich Cabela, Wayne Schmitt, Tom Schmitt)

Person Interviewing: Tom Schmitt

Song name: Dancing Shoes

Music Genre:: Country rock

I live in... Wayne and Rich in Nebraska, Tom in Colorado

Link to play:: http://www.cabelaandschmitt.com/music

This song will come to your rescue when you have "one of those" days or weeks that you wish would end sooner. Even if it's just a few minutes, Dancing Shoes will be there to lift you up and make your life better for a moment.

When we create this music, we never know what we will receive but we accept the responsibility to develop it and share it with the world. It's a gift and something that should never be taken for granted.

We seem to hear the music ideas coming out of nowhere (or everywhere), so it seems as though we are creating something from nothing. We all think that is great and a lot of fun! 

This song represents our positive side. The upbeat energy is something we have included in many of our songs from the start 40 years ago. "Dancing Shoes" (and associated album of the same title) artwork is a step forward for us because we are introducing our newly created band logo!

Of the instruments we play, I have especially enjoyed playing bass guitar. It's been a favorite of mine for over 40 years ago. Right from the very beginning, it spoke to me.

Music business..

The changes in the music business regarding methods of song distribution, particularly electronic, have opened up many opportunities for musicians like us who work out of home studios. Streaming seems to be the way of the future so we have embraced it as a necessary tool to distribute the music to new people.

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