Dante Palminteri is Peeling Back The layers of Every day Life on his New Single Miles Apart

Miles Apart avaliveradio nmm.png

Artist: Dante Palminteri

New Release: Miles Apart

Genre: Pop Rock / Singer-Songwriter

Located in: New York City

This song is...
As a singer-songwriter, I try to peel back the layers of every day life and focus on the little nuances of falling in love or going through heartbreak. It's really important to me to recount my own experiences and be as vulnerable as possible in my writing. I wrote "Miles Apart" about still loving someone who wants nothing to do with you at the end of a relationship - abandoning the motions of being with someone, and fighting through the pain and sadness on your own.


The music we are creating is...
I began to really take my writing seriously in high school, penning lyrics on teenage angst and high school crushes. Now I'm focused on more complex compilations in my adulthood, with a more matured perspective on unrequited love, soul mates lost and found, personal struggles, etc. My production skills have also improved with time, and I've been focused on bolstering a classic, acoustic singer-songwriter sound with richer, synth-pop undertones.

Right now we are...
I'm getting ready for a huge headline show at The Cutting Room in NYC, on March 16th at 9:30PM. I'm also gearing up to film the official video for "Miles Apart." The director and I have taken the stereotypical story on a failing relationship and twisted it into a more immersive, artistic concept with POV shots that drop fans into the narrative.

Website: https://www.dantepalminteri.com
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