New single from Bedroom Pop Songwriter Daphne 'Lithosphere'

Daphne avaliveradio.png

Artist: Daphne
New Release: Lithosphere

Genre: Indie/pop singer songwriter

Daphne is an 18 year old singer/songwriter from the U.P of MI. She has been writing and performing since the age of 11. This is her first album of all original songs. Daphne calls her music easy listening "bedroom pop". Songs about love, loss, and navigating the worlds between adolescence and young adulthood. "Lithosphere" is a song about how intense relationships can be...that sometimes you feel like there is no air. When all you want is to be with someone but at the same time that person can drive you to insanity.

I love creating music because, for me, it's an escape from everything. I also feel it is important for every form of love to have a love song and have representation. As a proud member of the LGBTQ community, it often feels there is not enough music out there representing us with lyrics that are not heteronormative.