Behind The Music wit Daphne on ' Seventeen'

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Band Name: Daphne

Song name: Seventeen

Music Genre:: Indie-pop

I live in...
I currently attend the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis Minnesota. I am originally from Houghton, Michigan in the Upper Penninsula.

This song is…
about growing up in high school and finding yourself. Finally being ok with not fitting in, and getting to the point of happiness within yourself that you don't need validation from others. Becoming comfortable with our own skin on the outside and inside. High school was truly not my favorite time of life, but this song really shows the progression of who I became as a person growing up.


My music is my own.
I don’t feel like I fit perfectly into a category or genre of music. My music is my creative outlet to express what i am feeling and hopefully inspire others who feel the same way about aspects of life. My music is a platform for me to give other queer woman love songs that they can proudly sing along to.

The release of my album "lithosphere’…
and the song "Seventeen" in particular, represents my music lyrically a lot. I like when songs tell a story and you can feel the progression not only musically, but lyrically.

The music advice that forever changed my way of thinking…
is to never forget the details in your lyrics. Always include the little things, and adjectives are very important. Tell you story, and everyone in the music world is different. Write your music because no one can tell the same story the way that you can.

I love to create music personally because I feel like there is a lack of LGBTQ presence in the music industry. Everyone deserves a love song, and I am here to normalize love songs about women from from a woman's perspective.

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