Behind The Music with David Cosgrove on Corridors

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Band Name: David Cosgrove
Song name: Corridors
Music Genre:: Progressive Rock

I live in... The glorious rolling green hills of northwest Connecticut, USA.

Link to play::


This song is about life passing us by all too soon. This track is ripped straight out of the late 80's keyboard-dominated progressive rock scene, heavily influenced by the likes of ELP, 3, Yes, Rush, Genesis, Steve Hackett, Robert Berry, etc.

My main influence musically is Ian Anderson - he sent me this letter in which he called my CD "Brilliant and witty" - 

Coming from the guy who wrote Songs from the Wood, Thick as a Brick, and Crest of a Knave, that's not too shabby... This harkens back to my youth, I am working on a new album which will draw upon keyboard-dominated rock.

To quote Frank Zappa: "Music is the best."

Best Advise...
"Keep your day job" LOL - and don't take life so seriously.

"Etched in time your expression altered the past
Leaving your thoughts behind"

"The sand slips through your fingers
The past can't be regained"

Here are the lyrics to the song: 

Left alone in the halls of our youth
Growing old
Getting old
Missing out on our fortunes untold
Put on hold
Put on hold
Your words struck home like shattered glass on the floor
Your hands met mine and put an end to our untimely war

Etched in time your expression altered the past
Leaving your thoughts behind

The noise from the streets is always the same
No matter where you are
Black lights conceal your deepest fears
Stung by a scimitar
Alone once again solutions on the horizon
The questions to be addressed simply relies on the truth

You base success on the wealth of the world
Very wrong
Wealth can unlock a world of pleasure
For how long
For how long

The print on the paper is
Like fuel for the flame

The sand slips through your fingers
The past can't be regained


Interview with David Cosgrove and host Jacqueline Jax about music and technology. How indie artist need to embrace what's available to them from self publishing to social media. We also discussed how to map a smart strategy for the future. Reviewing the past music business in contrast to todays landscape. Making a living through mastering tech and making music that inspired you most. 

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thecocoscottI agree! Some of my favorite songs came to life when I allowed myself to work with life lessons (ie. an atypical chord progression). Congrats on your new album! Let me know when it’s out!

edmtobiAmazing 😀😀

darinjellisonmusicCool! Will have to check this artist out...

joegallagherjrCongrats on the new release! Can’t wait to see what comes out next!

homerikofficialSo excited for you!!

carmentoth111He’s right! Some of the coolest things in music come from life 🤘🏻❤️

chwmaestroThe thing about music and life is sometimes they are great together because they come when you are not trying to be, you are just the authentic you!

kalvinj.evansBoy, this takes me back to so some great old music growing up ! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

arikahnashLove the vibes!!!💕